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Woodcutting is a skill used to chop down trees to obtain logs. Because logs are required to gain heat to cook raw food for energy, it is one of the most important skills in the game. Logs are also required to obtain charcoal with the Charcoal Foundry, which are required to smelt Titanium bars.


Trees are used to get logs, requiring an axe to chop down. Trees will randomly grow. There are six total plots that trees can grow in, two of which must be purchased with donor coins. The chainsaw is used to obtain extra logs.

Tree Level Experience Rarity Growth time Logs
Tree Tree.png 1 1,000 Common 1:00:00 Logs.png Logs
Oak Tree OakTree.png 15 2,000 Common 1:30:00 OakLogs.png Oak Logs
Willow Tree WillowTree.png 30 4,000 Common 2:00:00 WillowLogs.png Willow Logs
Bamboo Tree BambooTree.png 40 8,000 Uncommon


2:20:00 BambooLogs.png Bamboo Logs
Apple Tree AppleTree.png 45 9,000 Uncommon 2:45:00 Logs.png Logs

Apple.png Apples

Maple Tree MapleTree.png 50 15,000 Uncommon


3:40:00 MapleLogs.png Maple Logs
Lava Tree LavaTree.png 60 19,500 Rare 5:00:00 LavaLogs.png Lava Logs
Banana Tree BananaTree.png 63 20,500 Rare 5:10:00 Logs.png Logs

Bananas.png Bananas

Pine Tree PineTree.png 65 21,000 Rare 5:20:00 PineLogs.png Pine Logs
Stardust Tree StardustTree.png 70 25,000 Rare


6:00:00 StardustLogs.png Stardust Logs
Palm Tree PalmTree.png 75 28,000 Very Rare 8:00:00 Logs.png Logs

5-10 Coconuts.png Coconuts


There are currently two types of tools which can be used to chop down logs.


The axe is required to chop trees and is received after completing the Bob's Panic quest. It can be upgraded with gems up to diamond to gain more logs for each tree cut down. Because of its importance in getting more logs, the axe should be one of the first tools upgraded with gems.


The chainsaw can be obtained after crafting it using a chainsaw mould, 100 iron bars, 15 promethium bars, and 5,000 oil, requiring 50 crafting. The chainsaw mould can only be obtained from a 1/10 drop chance from Ghosts in the Cemetery. Obtaining the chainsaw will increase the number of logs obtained from trees, which stacks with the upgraded axe. The chainsaw can also be upgraded with gems up to diamond to gain even more logs from each tree.


Various upgrades and perks can be unlocked for the Brewing skill through Research.

Tier Cost Description
Tier 1 Coins.png 100 10% chance of obtaining a tree seed when chopping trees.
Tier 2 Coins.png 1,000 1% chance of obtaining a strange leaf when chopping trees.
Tier 3 Coins.png 25,000 5% chance that chopping a tree will cause it to instantly regrow.
Tier 4 Coins.png 200,000 Maple trees now yield maple syrup.
Tier 5 Coins.png 500,000 Chance for fruit trees to grow.

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