DiamondHunt3 Wiki
Weapon Attack.png Attack Accuracy.png Accuracy Speed.png Speed Attack Type Obtained From Notes
Rusty Sword RustySword.png 1 1 3 Slash.png Slash Game Shop
Stinger Stinger.png 2 1 3 Stab.png Stab Bee
Iron Dagger IronDagger.png 2 1 4 Stab.png Stab Thief
Offhand Iron Dagger OffhandIronDagger.png +1 - Transformation of Iron Dagger Equipped in the Offhand slot
Skeleton Sword SkeletonSword.png 4 2 3 Slash.png Slash Skeleton
Bow Bow.png 5 4 3 Stab.png Stab Bone Head Needs arrows to use
Magic Bow MagicBow.png 5 4 3 Stab.png Stab Transformation of Bow Special:25% chance not to use an arrow when fired
Scythe Scythe.png 6 4 3 Slash.png Slash Reaper Special: Double damage against Cemetery Monsters
Offhand Scythe OffhandScythe.png +3 - Transformation of Scythe Equipped in the offhand slot
Trident Trident.png 6 4 3 Stab.png Stab Trident Soldier Special: Attack speed unaffected when fighting in water
Stone Mace StoneMace.png 7 6 3 Crush.png Crush Stone Women
Stone Mace Plus StoneMacePlus.png 7 6 3 Crush.png Crush Transformation of Stone Mace Special: Spike Damage

Weapons SkeletonSword.png
Melee RustySword.png Rusty Sword Stinger.png Stinger (Honey) IronDagger.png Iron Dagger (Offhand / Offhand+)
SkeletonSword.png Skeleton Sword Scythe.png Scythe (Offhand) Trident.png Trident StoneMace.png Stone Mace (+)
Magic Wand.png Wand MapleWand.png Maple Wand LavaWand.png Lava Wand
PineWand.png Pine Wand StardustWand.png Stardust Wand RedwoodWand.png Redwood Wand
Range Bow.png Bow (Magic)
Arrows Arrow.png Arrows (+) FireArrow.png Fire Arrows IceArrow.png Ice Arrows