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The Watch is a Farming Tool that allows Bob to use the Planter to plant a set number of Seeds for you. You must already have the Planter to craft and use the watch.

Watch Mould

The Watch Mould can be obtained as a 1/7 chance drop from Lava Aliens in the Lava Dungeon. It is used to craft the Watch, also requiring 43 Crafting and 100 Gold Bars.


The watch can be upgraded so that Bob can plant more seeds by socketing Gems.

Trowel Watch.png SapphireWatch.png EmeraldWatch.png RubyWatch.png DiamondWatch.png
Listed Rate SeedList.png 3 SeedList.png 6 SeedList.png 10 SeedList.png 14 SeedList.png 20

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