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Vials are containers made from Glass with the Crafting Skill, which hold the contents of Potions and are thus required for Brewing. There are currently two types of vials: the regular, "Small" Vial and the Large Vial, and which is required depends on the potion. Crafting vials requires Glass and gives a small amount of Crafting XP. Crafting the Large Vial requires Crafting Research 4. Both Small Vials and Large Vials can be bought and sold on the Player Market.

There are several currently Unreleased Potions which can be found in the images folder on the Diamond Hunt Server, some of which use a currently unreleased Huge Vial.

Vial CraftingSkill.png Level # of Glass.png CraftingSkill.png XP Notes
Vial.png Vial 1 1 5
LargeVial.png Large Vial 32 20 10 Crafting requires Crafting Research 4
HugeVial.png Huge Vial - - - Not yet released!

Small Vial

The Vial or Small Vial is the first vial that can be made with 1 Crafting, requiring 1 Glass and giving 5 Crafting XP.


The following beginner level Potions can be Brewed with a Small Vial:

Large Vial

The Large Vial is the second vial that can be made with 32 Crafting, requiring 20 Glass and giving 10 Crafting XP. The Crafting Research 4 must be unlocked before Large Vials can be crafted.


The following medium level Potions can be Brewed with a Large Vial:

Huge Vial

The Huge Vial is currently unreleased but will likely be used for Brewing higher level potions.

Potions LargeStardustPotion.png
Vial.png Small Vial StardustPotion.png Stardust Potion SandPotion.png Sand Potion CookingBoostPotion.png Cooking Boost Potion

CombatCooldownPotion.png Fight Points Potion CompostPotion.png Compost Potion OilPotion.png Oil Potion BonePotion.png Bone Potion
TreeStarterPotion.png Tree Starter Potion RepelPotion1.png Repel Potion BarPotion.png Bar Potion
SapphireStardustPotion.png Sapphire Stardust Potion

LargeVial.png Large Vial LargeManaPotion.png Mana Potion LargeStardustPotion.png Large Stardust Potion LargeFurnacePotion.png Furnace Potion LargePiratePotion.png Pirate Potion
LargeEmeraldStardustPotion.png Emerald Stardust Potion LargeRocketSpeedPotion.png Rocket Speed Potion RepelPotion2.png Large Repel Potion
LargeBarPotion.png Large Bar Potion LargeRubyStardustPotion.png Ruby Stardust Potion LargeOilFactoryPotion.png Large Oil Factory Potion