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The Trowel is a tool used to increase the rate of finding seeds by Bob. It can be made with 58 Crafting after finding the Trowel Mould, which is dropped by Skeleton Ghosts. It can be socketed with Gems up to Diamond to further increase the rate of finding seeds.

Trowel Trowel.png SapphireTrowel.png EmeraldTrowel.png RubyTrowel.png DiamondTrowel.png
Listed Rate SeedList.png +5% SeedList.png +10% SeedList.png +15% SeedList.png +20% SeedList.png +25%
Actual Rate SeedList.png +5.26% SeedList.png +11.11% SeedList.png +17.64% SeedList.png +25% SeedList.png +33.33%

Note: There is a discrepancy between the increased seed rate as listed on the trowel (+5% rate increase per gem tier), and the actual increase in each seed rate, as listed in the Seed List. The discrepancy is for the following reason:

To increase an initial seed rate of by , the correct mathematical formula would be:

However, instead the game currently uses the following formula:

This means that the actual seed rates from the trowel are slightly higher than the rates listed by the trowel, as shown in the above table.

Trowel Mould

The Trowel Mould can be obtained as a 1/10 Drop from Skeleton Ghosts in the Cemetery. It can be used to craft a Trowel with 58 Crafting.

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