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A Treasure Map is an item that can be found by the Pirate, as a 1% chance from a Boat Trip if you have completed Fishing Research 4, or as a drop from Ocean Monsters. You may only hold one Treasure Map at a time. After solving the map puzzle you will be given a Treasure Chest, which can give various rewards including the chance to receive an Orb.

Green Treasure Map

A Green Treasure Map can be found by your Pirate after obtaining the Spyglass, which gives you a chance of finding Green Orbs.


Each Treasure Map will give a clue which must be solved to obtain a Treasure Chest. Solving clues involves interacting with the game in some way, such as clicking or selling certain items.

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TreasureMap.png Treasure Map Clues
Clue Solution
Sell this to the NPC Shop: . . . . . . . . . . Sell a Dotted Green Leaf to the NPC Shop.
A six sided hexagon with 2 pointed ends or A shiny hexagon with points meeting at both ends Open a Stardust Prism.
Well well well, nice to see you. Click on your Oil Well.
Grainy, maybe see through eventually. Smelt some Glass.
As you drink, you say to yourself: I'm such a star! Drink a Stardust Potion.
Au to be sold. Sell a Gold Ore.
A thief is entering your home...stone em! Sell Stone.
3+3+3 = -42 Have 3 Drills, Crushers and Giant Drills active at once.
GreenTreasureMap.png Green Treasure Map Clues
A (insert fruit here) keeps the doctor away! Eat an apple.
It's time to take your picture.

Eat (or sell?) a cheese.
.dees eert a tnalP Plant a Tree Seed.
01010011 01100101 01101100 01101100 00100000 01100011 01101111 01110000 01110000 01100101 01110010 Sell copper.
Have you found the diamond yet? Or are you still dry. Burn something in your Foundry.
This plant waves like the wind is going through it. But there isn't any wind at all. Click on seaweed
Smelt me some gold. I want 5! Smelt 120 (5 factorial) Gold Bars
Sell me:

Sell a Sapphire to the NPC Shop.