Treasure maps can be found by Pirates. You may only hold one Treasure Map at a time. After solving the map you will be given a Treasure Chest.

Clue Solution
Sell this to the NPC Shop: . . . . . . . . . . Sell a Dotted Green Leaf to the NPC shop.
A six sided hexagon with 2 pointed ends. Open a Stardust Prism.
Well well well, nice to see you. Click Oil Well.
Grainy, maybe see through eventually. Smelt some glass.
Drinking this makes me feel like a star (I think) Drink a stardust potion.
Au to be sold. Sell gold ore.
A thief is entering your home...stone em! Sell Stone.
3+3+3 = -42 Have 3 Drills, Excavators and Giant Drills active at once.

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