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The Treasure Chest is a reward obtained from successfully completing a Treasure Map and is opened with a Key. Among the various resources that can be obtained from opening a chest, there is also a chance of obtaining an Orb.


Keys are used to open Treasure Chests to obtain various rewards. There are five different levels of keys which can be crafted after obtaining a Treasure Chest, using 5 Bars and a Gem. The higher tier gem that is used, the more rolls will be used to obtain rewards when opening the chest. Different tiers of Treasure Chest also require different Bars to make their respective keys, with Gold Bars for regular Treasure Chests and Promethium Bars for Green Treasure Chests.

GoldKey.png Gold Key CraftingSkill.png Level Materials CraftingSkill.png XP TreasureChest.png Rolls
Gold Key GoldKey.png 20 5 GoldBars.png Gold Bars 10 1
Sapphire Key SapphireGoldKey.png 30 5 GoldBars.png Gold Bars

1 Sapphire.png Sapphire

50 2
Emerald Key EmeraldGoldKey.png 40 5 GoldBars.png Gold Bars

1 Emerald.png Emerald

100 3
Ruby Key RubyGoldKey.png 50 5 GoldBars.png Gold Bars

1 Ruby.png Ruby

1,000 5
Diamond Key DiamondGoldKey.png 60 5 GoldBars.png Gold Bars

1 Diamond.png Diamond

? 7

PromethiumKey.png Promethium Key CraftingSkill.png Level Materials CraftingSkill.png XP GreenTreasureChest.png Rolls
Promethium Key PromethiumKey.png 40 5 PromethiumBars.png Promethium Bars 20 1
Sapphire Key SapphirePromethiumKey.png 50 5 PromethiumBars.png Promethium Bars

1 Sapphire.png Sapphire

100 2
Emerald Key EmeraldPromethiumKey.png 60 5 PromethiumBars.png Promethium Bars

1 Emerald.png Emerald

200 3
Ruby Key RubyPromethiumKey.png 70 5 PromethiumBars.png Promethium Bars

1 Ruby.png Ruby

2,000 5
Diamond Key DiamondPromethiumKey.png 80 5 PromethiumBars.png Promethium Bars

1 Diamond.png Diamond

? 7


For each roll of opening a Treasure Chest, you will obtain resources and a chance of obtaining an Orb.


Orbs are special rewards that give powerful, permanent buffs. Blue Orbs can be obtained from regular Treasure Chests and Green Orbs can be obtained from Green Treasure Chests.

BlueEmptyOrb.png Blue Orb Effect
BlueFurnaceOrb.png Blue Furnace Orb Furnace capacity increased by 50%.
BlueManaOrb.png Blue Mana Orb Mana regenerates very fast out of combat.
BlueOilWellOrb.png Blue Oil Well Orb Oil wells produce twice the amount of oil.
BlueOreOrb.png Blue Ore Orb When mining an ore, there is a 10% chance of obtaining two instead of one.
BlueWoodcuttingOrb.png Blue Woodcutting Orb A tree that instantly grows will grant more logs.

GreenEmptyOrb.png Green Orb Effect
GreenOilFactoryOrb.png Green Oil Factory Orb Ability to hire an additional 50 factory workers.
GreenFishingOrb.png Green Fishing Orb Catch 20% more fish.
GreenRocketOrb.png Green Rocket Orb Gain double the ore when looting other planets and moons.
GreenShinyMonsterOrb.png Green Shiny Monster Orb Right click a monster in combat to make it shiny.
GreenShinyWoodcuttingOrb.png Green Shiny Woodcutting Orb Right click a tree to make it shiny.
GreenShinyFarmingOrb.png Green Shiny Farming Orb Right click a crop to make it shiny.


In addition to a chance of obtaining Orbs, you will also receive resources for each roll of opening a Treasure Chest.

Loot Amount
BambooTreeSeeds.png Bamboo Tree Seeds
Bones.png Bones
BronzeBars.png Bronze Bars
DottedGreenLeaf.png Dotted Green Leaves
GoldLeaf.png Gold Leaves
GoldLeafSeeds.png Gold Leaf Seeds
GreenLeaf.png Green Leaves
GreenLeafSeeds.png Green Leaf Seeds
IronBars.png Iron Bars
Lava.png Lava
LavaLogs.png Lava Logs
LavaTreeSeeds.png Lava Tree Seeds
LimeLeaf.png Lime Leaves
LimeLeafSeeds.png Lime Leaf Seeds
Logs.png Logs
OakTreeSeeds.png Oak Tree Seeds
Promethium.png Promethium Ores
RedMushroom.png Red Mushrooms
RedMushroomSeeds.png Red Mushroom Seeds
Silver.png Silver Ore
SilverBars.png Silver Bars
StardustSeeds.png Stardust Seeds
TreeSeeds.png Tree Seeds
WillowLogs.png Willow Logs
StardustTreeSeeds.png Stardust Tree Seeds
TitaniumBars.png Titanium Bars

Oyster.png Oysters 14

Note: This list is incomplete so please update with your own rewards.