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TransNotepad.png Update logs
Latest content update: Feburary 12, 2021

February 12th, 2021

Currently looking into making a downloadable client of the game, which means the game wouldn't have to fetch for images/data on a server - improving the performance of the game significantly. Fixed all achievement perks. Fixed a combat bug when sometimes entering a fight, older hits would show on screen. Fixed a bug where sometimes player hit splats would jump across the screen during animations. Fixed a bug where hit splats jump accross the screen when fighting shiny monsters.

February 11th, 2021

Continueing to rework achievements. Changed the achievement perk system - you now need to complete achievement sets now (similar to DH2) Some perks right now do not work and is being fixed.

February 10th 2021

Achievement points caclulated. You are going to have to complete an achievement to get your all points. Achievement perks released. Minor tooltip grahpical changes. Magic spells in combat now have a 'cleaner' tooltip. Potions now have tooltips.

February 9th 2021

(part 2) Fixed dungoen loot bags. Fixed ancient rings. Fixed the 50 vials achiev not working. Removed holiday sigils from market.

Added more achievements. Next combat area released. New solvable puzzle in the dungeon tnt hole. Fixed a bug where the shortcut map button for forest brought the player to fields. Fixed a bug where the robot notification was not working.

February 5, 2021

Added woodcutting easy/med achievements. Added farming easy achievements. Fixed a bug where the giant excavator was only craftable once. Added a use for extra dungeon signs/panels. Added a new miniquest. New museum item. Expect another content update this weekend.

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