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The Strange Leaf (also called the Strange Leaf Fix) is a Brewing ingredient that is obtained with a 1% chance from cutting down any Tree after completing Woodcutting Research 2, as a 1/25 Drop from Ents, or as a 1/20 chance from Forest Loot Bags. Unlike the other Leaves used to make Potions, the Strange Leaf cannot be obtained from Farming (and has no seeds).


The Strange Leaf is currently used in three potions.

Potion BrewingSkill.png Level Ingredients BrewingSkill.png XP Effect
Repel Potion RepelPotion1.png 20 1 Vial.png Vial
1 StrangeLeaf.png Strange Leaf

50 BlewitMushroom.png Blewits

1,500 Avoid an enemey in the Fields, Forest or Caves.
Mana Potion LargeManaPotion.png 30 1 LargeVial.png Large Vial
5 StrangeLeaf.png Strange Leaves
5,000 Restore 5 Mana instantly in Combat.
Repel Potion RepelPotion2.png 53 1 LargeVial.png Large Vial
5 StrangeLeaf.png Strange Leaves

300 BlewitMushroom.png Blewits

7,000 Avoid an enemey in the Lava Dungeon, Northern Fields or Cemetery.


  • Although the description lists the Strange Leaf as a secondary brewing ingredient, it is actually used as a primary brewing ingredient, similar to the other Leaves.
  • The Strange Leaf is listed in the Player Market as Strange Leaf Fixed. This is the same item as the Strange Leaf and was created as a quick fix for a bug related to the drop rate, which is now only noticeable in the Market Listing. There are two identical images on the game server: StrangeLeaf.png StrangeLeaf.png and StrangeLeafFix.png StrangeLeaf.png, however all instances currently in game use the StrangeLeafFix.png image.

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