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Stews are a special type of food which can be made after completing the The Stew Chef quest by clicking on the Chef in the Cooking tab. A new stew can only be made once every 24 hours. Stews are made from a variety of base ingredients and give Energy and Fight Points upon consumption. The purpose of stews is for the Fight Points and is rarely useful for Energy.

By completing the Tier 4 Cooking Research, you can see how much energy and fight points your assigned stew will give you. Additionally, the research allows you to skip your currently assigned stew. However, this still triggers the 24 hour cooldown before you can make the next stew.

List of Stews

Stew Materials Effect
Apple Stew AppleStew.png Apple.png 589-1263

RedMushroom.png 37-59

Energy.png 136-1929

FightPoints.png 824-9796

Banana Stew BananaStew.png Bananas.png 204-367

GreenLeaf.png 1-20
RedMushroom.png 32-60

Energy.png 1200-4709

FightPoints.png 4152

Cheese Stew CheeseStew.png RedMushroom.png 21-50

GreenLeaf.png 1-2
Cheese.png 1

Energy.png 4-88

FightPoints.png 104-1490

Fish Stew FishStew.png Seaweed.png 36-204

Tuna.png 1-6
Trout.png 5-9

Energy.png 1,040-12,038

FightPoints.png ?

Honey Stew HoneyStew.png Honey.png 1-4

GreenLeaf.png 1-2
TreeSeeds.png 2-4

Energy.png 5-670

FightPoints.png 3086-9006

Ice Bones Stew IceBonesStew.png IceBones.png 5-9

LimeLeaf.png 1-2
PineTreeSeeds.png 1-2

Energy.png 1560-8901

FightPoints.png 6906

Oyster Stew OysterStew.png Oyster.png 5-10

Seaweed.png 11-114
RedMushroomSeeds.png 8-10

Energy.png 48-174

FightPoints.png 1652-10644

Note: The amounts of materials and energy/fight point effects are variable and may be different for each stew. To update this table with different amounts, please put in the form of a range (e.g., 10-13 apples). The amount of materials needed for the last stew you made can be found in the var_chefRecipeItem# and var_chefRecipeAmount# variables.

Unused Stews

The following stews have images associated with them on the DH3 server, but do not appear to be currently in the game. They may be added at a future date.

Stew Notes
Chain Stew ChainStew.png Would likely use Chain.png Chains and Bones.png Bones
Lava Stew LavaStew.png Would likely use Lava.png Lava
Null Stew EmptyStew.png This is likely a placeholder for glitched stews.

Foods Apple.png
SmallFishingNet.png Small Net Shrimp.png Shrimp (Raw) Anchovy.png Anchovy (Raw) Sardine.png Sardine (Raw)
Crab.png Crab (Raw) Piranha.png Piranha (Raw)
FishingRod.png Fishing Rod Trout.png Trout (Raw) Salmon.png Salmon (Raw) Eel.png Eel (Raw)
SeaTurtle.png Sea Turtle (Raw) RainbowFish.png Rainbow Fish (Raw)
Harpoon.png Harpoon Tuna.png Tuna (Raw) Swordfish.png Swordfish (Raw) MantaRay.png Manta Ray (Raw)
Shark.png Shark (Raw) Whale.png Whale (Raw)
BananaTree.png Trees MapleSyrup.png Maple Syrup Apple.png Apples Bananas.png Bananas Coconuts.png Coconuts
CooksBook1.png Book Food Salad.png Mushroom Salad OysterMornay.png Oyster Mornay SnakeSushiTrout.png Snakeskin Sushi
SeaweedChicken.png Seaweed Chicken BatSkinSushi.png Batskin Sushi ChickenSalad.png Chicken Salad
AppleCandy.png Apple Candy CoconutMeat.png Coconut Meat
Other Cheese.png Cheese Honey.png Honey Chicken.png Chicken (Raw) Carrot.png Carrots BearMeat.png Bear Meat (Raw)
GiantSnakeTail.png Giant Snake Tail (Raw) EmptyStew.png Stews