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Stardust Potions are Potions that will gradually produce Stardust for the duration of their Potion Timer after being drunk. Because Stardust Potions depend on the timer, having an upgraded Brewing Kit will increase the amount of stardust obtained from each potion, unlike the Gem Stardust Potions which only give more stardust for higher Brewing Levels. In addition, the Tier 1 Brewing Research will double the amount of Stardust from the Small Stardust Potion.

Stardust Potion

The Stardust Potion, also called the Small Stardust Potion, can be made with Level 1 Brewing from 1 Small Vial, 1 Dotted Green Leaf and 15 Red Mushrooms. It has a base yield of roughly 4 Stardust per second. With the Tier 1 Brewing Research the yield is doubled to roughly 8 Stardust per second.

Stardust Potion
Brewing Kit Approximate Stardust gain
Socket Duration Without T1 Brewing research With T1 Brewing research
BrewingKit.png No socket 05:00 / 300s Stardust.png1200 Stardust.png2400
SapphireBrewingKit.png Sapphire 05:45 / 345s Stardust.png1380 Stardust.png2760
EmeraldBrewingKit.png Emerald 06:30 / 390s Stardust.png1560 Stardust.png3120
RubyBrewingKit.png Ruby 08:00 / 480s Stardust.png1920 Stardust.png3840
DiamondBrewingKit.png Diamond 10:00 / 600s Stardust.png2400 Stardust.png4800

Large Stardust Potion

The Large Stardust Potion can be made with Level 35 Brewing from 1 Large Vial, 5 Gold Leaves and 450 Red Mushrooms.

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