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Stardust is one of the most important materials in the game. It is used to level up the Crafting and Mining skills, and used when transforming weapons with the Magic skill.

There are many methods to obtain Stardust, including buying from Shops, Mining Stardust Prisms, Woodcutting Stardust Trees, Farming Stardust Seeds, Brewing Stardust Potions, Gem Stardust Potions, and defeating certain Boss Monsters in Combat.


Stardust can be traded for Coins from other Players on the Player Market as either Stardust or Stardust Packs of 1,000 Stardust. It is almost always cheaper to buy the Stardust Packs, rather than individual Stardust, because Packs usually sell for less than 1 Coin per Stardust, and this is the cheapest that individual Stardust can be sold for. The Game Shop also sells two kinds of Stardust Boxes, however these generally do not give very much Stardust for their cost, and so is only useful for Hardcore players who cannot use the Player Market.

Sources Stardust gain Notes
StardustBox1.png Stardust Box 1 Stardust.png 0-2,000 Game Shop for 10,000 coins
StardustBox2.png Stardust Box 2 Stardust.png 0-15,000 Game Shop for 50,000 coins
Stardust.png Stardust Stardust.png 1 Player Market, usually for 1 coin each
Stardust1000.png Stardust Pack Stardust.png 1,000 Player Market, usually for 400-800 coins each

Stardust Prisms

Stardust Prisms can be obtained from Mining after unlocking Mining Research 2.

Stardust Prisms
Sources Stardust gain Notes
SmallStardustPrism.png Small Stardust Prism Stardust.png 1-1,000 1/4,320 chance with Mining Level 5.
MediumStardustPrism.png Medium Stardust Prism Stardust.png 1-15,000 1/66,000 chance with Mining Level 20.
LargeStardustPrism.png Large Stardust Prism Stardust.png 1-50,000 1/188,000 chance with Mining Level 50.
HugeStardustPrism.png Huge Stardust Prism Stardust.png 1-500,000 1/400,000 chance with Mining Level 80.

Woodcutting and Farming

Stardust Trees that grow in Woodcutting Patches can be chopped down with Level 70 Woodcutting to give Stardust Logs. Stardust Logs can be burned in an Oven to give Heat or in the Foundry to give Charcoal, which also yields a significant amount of Stardust. Stardust Tree Seeds can also be planted in a Farming Patch to also gain Stardust Logs. Similarly, Stardust Seeds can be planted with Farming Research 2, which yield Stardust when harvested.

Woodcutting & Farming
Sources Stardust gain Notes
StardustLogs.png Stardust Logs Stardust.png 0-8,000 Stardust Trees (Rolls for each log burnt).
StardustSeeds.png Stardust Seeds Stardust.png 10,000-30,000 The seed is only obtainable by Bob after researching Farming Research II.
StardustTreeSeeds.png Stardust Tree Seeds Stardust.png 0-8,000 per log The seed is obtainable by chance from chopping Stardust Trees after researching Woodcutting Research I and can be planted with 70 Farming to grow a new Stardust Tree.


There are two types of Potions which give Stardust: Stardust Potions, which give Stardust over time, and Gem Stardust Potions, which give Stardust when poured on a Gem, which consumes the Gem.

Sources Stardust gain Notes
StardustPotion.png Stardust Potion Stardust.png ~1,200-4,800 Level 1 Brewing from 1 Vial, 1 Dotted Green Leaf, and 15 Red Mushrooms. Upgrading the Brewing Kit increases the amount of time active, so also the stardust per pot. Brewing T1 Research also doubles the stardust from this potion.
LargeStardustPotion.png Large Stardust Potion Stardust.png ~48,000-96,000 Level 35 Brewing from 1 Large Vial (Crafting Research IV), 5 Gold Leafs, and 450 Red Mushrooms. Upgrading the Brewing Kit increases the amount of time active, so also the stardust per pot.
SapphireStardustPotion.png Sapphire Stardust Potion Stardust.png 20,000 + BrewingLevel*200 Level 25 Brewing from 1 Sapphire, 1 Vial, 1 Lime Leaf, and 100 Red Mushrooms.
LargeEmeraldStardustPotion.png Emerald Stardust Potion Stardust.png 80,000 + BrewingLevel*800 Level 45 Brewing from 1 Emerald, 1 Large Vial (Crafting Research IV), 20 Lime Leafs, and 800 Red Mushrooms.
LargeRubyStardustPotion.png Ruby Stardust Potion Stardust.png 200,000 + BrewingLevel*2,000 Level 60 Brewing from 1 Ruby, 1 Large Vial (Crafting Research IV), 16 Gold Leafs, and 1,500 Red Mushrooms.


There are a few Boss Monsters which give Stardust as a Drop after defeating them. These can only be obtained once.

Boss Monsters
Sources Stardust gain Notes
Bushy monster.gif Bushy Stardust.png 50,000 Kill Bushy the Boss
FaradoxMinion2Monster.png Faradox Minion 2 Stardust.png 100,000 Kill Faradox Minion 2
FireHawkMonster.png Fire Hawk Stardust.png 200,000 Kill the Fire Hawk
IceHawkMonster.png Ice Hawk Stardust.png 250,000 Kill the Ice Hawk
Stardust Stardust.png
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HugeStardustPrism.png Huge Stardust Prism
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FarmingSkill.png Farming
StardustLogs.png Stardust Logs StardustSeeds.png Stardust Seeds StardustTreeSeeds.png Stardust Tree Seeds
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SapphireStardustPotion.png Gem Stardust Potions SapphireStardustPotion.png Sapphire Stardust Potion LargeEmeraldStardustPotion.png Emerald Stardust Potion
LargeRubyStardustPotion.png Ruby Stardust Potion

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