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Smelting is the process in which Ores are turned into Bars using a Furnace. This requires Oil for most ores or Charcoal for Titanium Bars, which can be obtained from burning Logs in the Foundry or from Castle Dungeon Loot Bags. Higher tier Furnaces allow more Bars to be placed in the Furnace for smelting, but will not increase the smelting rate. The Blue Furnace Orb can further enhance this by adding 50% more capacity to all Furnaces. The Furnace Potion can be used to increase the smelting rate by three times, and Bar Potions can give a 20% chance to smelt two bars at the cost of one ore, with the Small Bar Potion working on Bars up to Gold Bars and the Large Bar Potion working on Bars up to Promethium Bars.

Ore Resource Time Product
Sand.png Sand Oil.png 1 Oil 1 second Glass.png Glass
Copper.png Copper Ore Oil.png 1 Oil 1 second BronzeBars.png Bronze Bar
Iron.png Iron Ore Oil.png 5 Oil 5 seconds IronBars.png Iron Bar
Silver.png Silver Ore Oil.png 20 Oil 20 seconds SilverBars.png Silver Bar
Gold.png Gold Ore Oil.png 100 Oil 1 minute GoldBars.png Gold Bar
Promethium.png Promethium Ore Oil.png 1000 Oil 3 minutes 20 seconds PromethiumBars.png Promethium Bar
Titanium.png Titanium Ore Charcoal.png 20 Charcoal 8 minutes 20 seconds TitaniumBars.png Titanium Bar

Promethium.png Ores and Bars PromethiumBars.png
Copper.png Ores Stone.png Stone Copper.png Copper Ore Iron.png Iron Ore Silver.png Silver Ore Gold.png Gold Ore
Promethium.png Promethium Ore Titanium.png Titanium Ore
BronzeBars.png Bars BronzeBars.png Bronze Bar IronBars.png Iron Bar SilverBars.png Silver Bar GoldBars.png Gold Bar
PromethiumBars.png Promethium Bar TitaniumBars.png Titanium Bar
Rocket.png Space Moonstone.png Moonstone MarsRock.png Mars Rock ShootingStar.png Shooting Star