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Skills are sets of themed activities which are the main way of interacting with the Game. Performing certain activities will give XP in the related Skill, which allow you to advance Levels in the Skill to be able to do new activities. You can reach a maximum of Level 100 in each skill, and you will still continue to gain XP after reaching Level 100, but will no longer advance any levels or Total Levels. There are currently 9 Skills, giving a maximum Total Level of 900.

Skills can generally be categorized into three types:

  • Combat Skills: Related to Combat
  • Gathering Skills: Related to gathering Resources
  • Production Skills: Related to using Resources to create useful items
Skill Type Primary Use
CombatSkill.png Combat Combat Fighting Monsters to obtain Drops.
MagicSkill.png Magic Combat/Production Casting Spells in Combat. Transforming Weapons.
MiningSkill.png Mining Gathering Obtaining Ores, Sand, and other Resources from the ground.
CraftingSkill.png Crafting Production Making various items, including Tools, Buildings, and Mining Machinery.
WoodcuttingSkill.png Woodcutting Gathering Obtaining Logs, Fruits, Maple Syrup, and Tree Seeds.
FarmingSkill.png Farming Gathering Obtaining Seeds and Leaves.
BrewingSkill.png Brewing Production Making Potions to give various temporary effects.
FishingSkill.png Fishing Gathering Obtaining Raw Fish, Seaweed, Fish Bones, and Oysters.
CookingSkill.png Cooking Production Making Food, especially by cooking Raw Food and from Recipes.

Skill Sigils

Skill Sigils are Chat Sigils that are automatically obtained after reaching Level 100 in that skill. Your current Chat Sigil can be changed at any time after unlocking them.

Skills BrewingSkill.png
Combat Skills CombatSkill.png Combat MagicSkill.png Magic
Gathering Skills FarmingSkill.png Farming FishingSkill.png Fishing MiningSkill.png Mining WoodcuttingSkill.png Woodcutting
Production Skills BrewingSkill.png Brewing CookingSkill.png Cooking CraftingSkill.png Crafting