Sigils or Chat Sigils are small icons that appear next to your name in Chat. You can only have one sigil active at a time, which can be set with the 'Set Sigil' button in the chat window. There are four types of sigils: Skill Sigils, Monster Sigils, Holiday Sigils, and the Hardcore Sigil, each of which are obtained in a different manner. Sigils should not be confused with Chat Tags, which can be used at the same time as sigils and are obtained by donating to the game.

Skill Sigils

Skill Sigils are obtained by reaching Level 100 in any Skill. As such, there are 9 skill sigils in total.

WoodcuttingSigil.png Skill Sigils
Skill Sigil
Woodcutting WoodcuttingSigil.png
Cooking CookingSigil.png
Farming FarmingSigil.png
Combat CombatSigil.png
Crafting CraftingSigil.png
Magic MagicSigil.png
Mining MiningSigil.png
Fishing FishingSigil.png
Brewing BrewingSigil.png

Monster Sigils

Monster Sigils are obtained as a random Drop from Monsters, with a 1/10,000 chance from each monster, making them extremely rare.

CombatSkill.png Monster Sigils
Monster Sigil
Chicken Sigil ChickenMonsterSigil.png
Rat Sigil RatMonsterSigil.png
Bee Sigil BeeMonsterSigil.png
Snake Sigil SnakeMonsterSigil.png
Ent Sigil EntMonsterSigil.png
Thief Sigil ThiefMonsterSigil.png
Bear Sigil BearMonsterSigil.png
Spider Sigil SpiderMonsterSigil.png
Skeleton Sigil SkeletonMonsterSigil.png
Lava Alien Sigil LavaAlienMonsterSigil.png
Bat Sigil BatMonsterSigil.png
Fire Mage Sigil FireMageMonsterSigil.png
Bone Head Sigil BoneHeadMonsterSigil.png
Mamma Polar Bear Sigil MammaPolarBearMonsterSigil.png
Yeti Sigil YetiMonsterSigil.png
Ghost Sigil GhostMonsterSigil.png
Skeleton Ghost Sigil SkeletonGhostMonsterSigil.png
Reaper Sigil ReaperMonster.png
Shark Sigil SharkMonster.png
Puffer Fish Sigil PufferFishMonster.png
Trident Soldier Sigil TridentSoldierMonster.png
Skeleton Monks Sigil SkeletonMonksMonster.png
Dungeon Spider Sigil DungeonSpiderMonster.png
Stone Women Sigil StoneWomenMonster.png

Museum Sigil

The Museum Sigil is obtained after selling all items to the Museum. It is currently unclear what will happen when new Museum items are released if you already had the Museum Sigil.

Sigil Obtained from
Museum Sigil MuseumSigil.png Completing all Museum Items

Holiday Sigils

Holiday Sigils are obtained by completing special, which are released as special one-off events for a limited time around holidays. The three holiday events are Halloween, Christmas, and Easter, which occur in October, December, and March/April, respectively. New holiday sigils are released every year, and the previous holiday sigils can NOT be reobtained in subsequent years, however previous holiday sigils are usually made tradeable only during the release of their respective new holiday event.

Unlike the Monster and Skill Sigils, Holiday Sigils obtained from prior Diamond Hunt Games can also be used in the Diamond Hunt 3 chat.

Halloween Sigils

Halloween Sigils are obtained by completing the Halloween Event during October. Previous Halloween Sigils can be traded on the Player Market whenever the new Halloween Event is released.

PumpkinSigil.png Halloween Sigils
Sigil Event
Pumpkin Sigil PumpkinSigil.png Halloween Event 2015 (DH1)
Ghost Sigil GhostSigil.png Halloween Event 2016 (DH1)
Cat Sigil CatSigil.png Halloween Event 2018 (DH2)
Spider Sigil SpiderSigil.png Halloween Event 2019 (DH2)
Bat Sigil BatSigil.png Halloween Event 2020 (DH3)

Christmas Sigils

Christmas Sigils are obtained by completing the Christmas Event during December. Previous Christmas Sigils can be traded on the Player Market whenever the new Christmas Event is released.

SantaHatSigil.png Christmas Sigils
Sigil Event
Santa Hat Sigil SantaHatSigil.png Christmas Event 2015 (DH1)
Tree Sigil TreeSigil.png Christmas Event 2016 (DH1)
Blue Party Hat Sigil BluePartyHatSigil.png Christmas Event 2017 (DH2)
Pink Party Hat Sigil PinkPartyHatSigil.png Christmas Event 2017 (DH2)
White Party Hat Sigil WhitePartyHatSigil.png Christmas Event 2017 (DH2)
Yellow Party Hat Sigil YellowPartyHatSigil.png Christmas Event 2017 (DH2)
Red Party Hat Sigil RedPartyHatSigil.png Christmas Event 2017 (DH2)
Green Party Hat Sigil GreenPartyHatSigil.png Christmas Event 2017 (DH2)
Snowman Sigil SnowmanSigil.png Christmas Event 2018 (DH2)
Candy Cane Sigil CandyCaneSigil.png Christmas Event 2019 (DH2)
Snowflake Sigil SnowflakeSigil.png Christmas Event 2020 (DH3)

Easter Sigils

Easter Sigils are obtained by completing the Easter Event during March or April. Previous Easter Sigils can be traded on the Player Market whenever the new Easter Event is released.

BunnySigil.png Easter Sigils
Sigil Event
Easter Egg Sigil EasterEggSigil.png Easter Event 2016 (DH1)
Bunny Sigil BunnySigil.png Easter Event 2018 (DH2)
Carrot Sigil CarrotSigil.png Easter Event 2019 (DH2)
Regular Basket Sigil BasketSigil.png Easter Event 2021
Basket Sigil if you also have the Easter Egg Sigil BasketEggSigil.png Easter Event 2021

Hardcore Sigil

The Hardcore Sigil is available on any Hardcore account. It cannot be used at the same time as other sigils, and can be toggled on or off just like the other sigils. There is no way to obtain the Hardcore Sigil on a regular Softcore account.

Sigil Obtained from
Hardcore Sigil HardcoreSigil.png Having a Hardcore account

Miscellaneous Sigils

Sigil Obtained from
Treasure Chest Sigil TreasureChest.png Obtained from a Treasure Chest
Gold Helmet Sigil - Player #1 Diamondhunt MMO sigils
Silver Helmet Sigil - Payer #2 Diamondhunt MMO sigils
Bronze Helmet Sigil - Player #3 BronzeEventSigil2.png Diamondhunt MMO sigils
Smiley Face Sigil - Player #1-100 EventSigil2.png Diamondhunt MMO sigils

NOTE: If anyone has the sigils for Silver or Gold helmet, hit me up Gower or upload it yourself, if you have it, thanks!

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