DiamondHunt3 Wiki

Scripts, sometimes called User Scripts or Plugins, are bits of Javascript code that can modify some behavior or aesthetics of the Game. Most of them use Tamper Monkey as a script manager.

Tamper Monkey

Tamper Monkey is a user-script manager and is supported in all major desktop browsers, as well as a few mobile browsers. You can install it at https://www.tampermonkey.net/. Once installed, you can click on the corresponding icon in your browser's plugin bar to access various options, such as enabling/disabling scripts and the Dashboard. Greasy Fork is a repository to host these scripts which allows you to search for and download updates for your scripts. To install a script from Greasy Fork, simply click the install (or update) button on the url listed below. Once installed, you will need to refresh your game for the script to take effect. For scripts not hosted at Greasy Fork, you may need to manually enter them into a new script in Tamper Monkey's Dashboard.

DH3 Scripts

Name Author URL Description
DH3 Chat Overhaul Shtos greasyfork Adds a ton of features to the game chat, including friend and ignore lists, side chat, emojis, dark mode, chat commands, and more.
Functional Market Shtos greasyfork Vastly improves the market experience.
DH3 Fixed Kape142 greasyfork An extension for Diamond Hunt 3, meant to improve the user experience. It includes an activity log, various fixes, additional shortcuts, customizable notifications, and some useful tools.
DH3 Audio Alerts Anwinity greasyfork Trigger audible alerts based on DH3 variables.
DH3 FP Notification Anwinity greasyfork Adds a notification which shows you how many times you can fight at a given Combat Area with your current Fight Points as well as a timer for when that number will increment.
DH3 Super Duper Preset Switcher Anwinity greasyfork Let's you switch between your preset-sets in combat and select any of your 25 presets with a click. You can also use the 6-0 keys to switch the preset-sets.
DH3 Var Viewer Anwinity greasyfork Easily view and filter in-game variables.
DH3 Slap Chop Anwinity greasyfork Allows you to cook/eat a stack of food by right-clicking. Also allows you to right-click fish bones to send the maximum number to the bonemeal bin (without wasting any).
DH3 Tools One-Click Anwinity greasyfork Adds a link on the top of the page which sends your character data to https://anwinity.com/dh3/ so that you don't have to enter it manually.
Heat & Fish Bar Shtos greasyfork Adds a heat requirement indicator and energy info to the fishing tab.
DH3 HUD Anwinity greasyfork Allows you to create a custom HUD full of whatever information you want, which updates in real time based on variables received from the server. Note: This script requires you to be able to either copy/paste HUD scripts or write your own using a simple syntax. The default HUD script is just an example and not intended to be super useful.
HitChance In Combat Shtos greasyfork Displays both your hero's and the monster's hit chance while in combat.
Notification Timers Shtos greasyfork Changes percentages and kilometers to timestamps in notifications.
DH3 Oil Fix Shtos greasyfork Adds a timer to show when your oil will be empty or full based on oil income.
DH3 Tick Pulse Anwinity greasyfork Pulses each tick in combat to aid in counting various things (e.g. shark bite).
DH3 Friend/Ignore List Upsidedownifier Anwinity greasyfork Puts the add/cancel buttons in friends and ignore list at the top so you don't have to scroll so much.
DH3 Helper Level github An extension script to allow desktop notifications.
Continue Leveling Nightcorex greasyfork Allows you to continue leveling past level 100

In addition to these in-game scripts, there are some useful tools and calculators at https://anwinity.com/dh3/ including the Player Compare Tool.