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The Rocket is a special type of Mining Machine which can be made with 60 Crafting and is used to bring back resources from the Moon. The Rocket can be sent to two different locations in Space: the Moon and Mars, both of which takes several days to reach. The Rocket Speed Potion can be used to temporarily double the rocket speed, which also stacks with the Rocket Boost.

Titanium Rocket Boosters

Titanium Rocket Boosters can be permanently attached to the rocket with 69 Crafting to provide a Boost to the Rocket which significantly increases its speed. The Boost can be triggered once on take-off and randomly during the Rocket flight by clicking on the "Boost!" Notification.


The Rocket takes 100,000 Oil to launch and will take approximately 5 days to travel the 384,000 km to and from the Moon. Upon reaching the moon, the player can receive various resources including Stardust, Promethium Ore, Moonstone, and a Shooting Star. This is currently the only way of obtaining mooonstone, which can be sold or used with the Pickaxe to obtain mining XP.


With Mining Research 6, you can choose to send your Rocket to Mars where you have a chance of obtaining Mars Rocks and an increased chance of obtaining a Shooting Star. The distance to Mars is 54,000,000 km, which takes about ten days for a round trip.

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