The Robot is a type of Mining Machinery used to collect additional Ores. Unlike other Mining Machinery, it is sent out for an up-front Oil cost, rather than using Oil over time, making it more similar to the Rocket. It can be made with Level 80 Crafting, requiring 10,000 Bronze Bars, 2,000 Gold Bars, and 225 Promethium Bars. It can be socketed with Gems to increase the depth at which it can mine, thereby increasing the types of Ores that can be obtained. It requires multiple of each Gem to socket.

Socket Ores Depth Oil
- (None) Sand.png Sand
Stone.png Stone
Copper.png Copper Ore
3 km Oil.png 10,000
Sapphire.png Sapphire Sand.png Sand
Iron.png Iron Ore
Silver.png Silver Ore
6 km Oil.png 50,000
Emerald.png Emerald Sand.png Sand
Gold.png Gold Ore
Promethium.png Promethium Ore
10 km Oil.png 100,000
Ruby.png Ruby Sand.png Sand
Promethium.png Promethium Ore
Titanium.png Titanium Ore
15 km Oil.png 250,000
Diamond.png Diamond Sand.png Sand
Titanium.png Titanium Ore
20 km Oil.png 400,000
ShieldedRobot.png Robot Heatshield Sand.png Sand
Titanium.png Titanium Ore
Ancient.png Ancient Ore
50 km Oil.png 1,000,000


  • This was the first method to obtain Ancient Ore, however the chance to get it is not 100%. There is also a chance to drop 2 Ancient ore.

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