The Researcher can be unlocked by completing the The Researcher Quest. Unlocking the Researcher gives access to the Research Tab, allowing you to unlock different perks for all skills with coins.

Research time and costs[edit | edit source]

Tier Price Time
1 100 1 minute
2 1k 5 minutes
3 25k 1 hour
4 200k 5 hours
5 500k 8 hours

Research perks[edit | edit source]

Tier Description
1 Combat levels now increase maximum hp
2 Allow you to reset your Combat cooldown, once a day
3 Ability to set presets, allowing you to switch gears in one click mid fight
4 5% chance that energy is refunded when fighting
5 5% chance to encounter shiny monsters, yielding more loot

Tier Description
1 Mana regenerate during combat every 10 seconds
2 Mana regenerates 25% faster out of combat
3 Ability to transform weapons into other items

Tier Description
1 Ability to find Gems
2 Ability to find stardust prisms
3 Ability to own 3 of each mining machinery
4 Mining machinery can now find geodes.

Tier Description
1 Ability to smelt Sand into Glass
2 Access to the Museum
3 Ability to craft silver buckets
4 Ability to craft large vials

Tier Description
1 10% chance of obtaining a tree seed when chopping trees
2 1% chance of obtaining a Strange Leaf when chopping trees
3 5% chance that chopping a tree will cause it to instantly regrow
4 Maple Trees now yield Maple Syrup
5 Chance for fruit trees to grow

Tier Description
1 You may now eat mushrooms for extra energy
2 Bob will now start looking for Stardust Seeds
3 5% chance that harvesting a crop will cause it to instantly regrow
4 Ability to find blewit mushroom seeds

Tier Description
1 Double Stardust from Small Stardust Potions
2 Ability to drink two potions at once, stacking the timer
3 5% chance that drinking a potion will not get used
4 Ability to brew Mana Potions

Tier Description
1 Chance of finding oyster pearls
2 Ability to use an oxygen tank to explore ocean floors for treasure
3 Ability to find Boat blueprints on the ocean floors
4 1% chance to bring back a Treasure Map from a boat trip

Tier Description
1 Ability to make recipes in the cooking section
2 Burning food will grant 25% of its cook XP
3 5% burn reduction on all ovens

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