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The Reaper is a Monster found in the Cemetery. It has a strong Charge Attack that is shown by his glowing eyes and deals 30-40 damage. The Reaper will use this charge attack multiple times randomly, so it is best to have both Reflect and Invisibility to dodge the attacks. The Invisibility Amulet can also dodge the charge attack, but because this effect works randomly, it is not suitable for a consistent strategy. Also, Freeze can be very useful to cast between Charge Attacks to allow for Spell cooldowns to decrease.

When using Invisibility to dodge the charge attacks, you need to cast it on the third or fourth eye change, since it only lasts for two seconds while the eye animations last for four seconds before the charge attack is cast.


Item Amount Rarity
BlackSilk.png 2 - 4 1/1
ReaperHood.png 1 1/15
ReaperBody.png 1 1/15
ReaperLegs.png 1 1/15
ReaperBoots.png 1 1/15
ReaperGloves.png 1 1/15
Scythe.png 1 1/20


  • Reaper is not the Reaper's real name. Her real name is actually Deathy McDeathFace... and she is a she, so it's understandable why she prefers to go by Reaper instead of her given name.

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