Raw Food is meat obtained from animals, either from Fishing or from Monster Drops, that must be Cooked in an Oven to be consumed as Food to restore Energy.

Raw Fish

Raw Fish is the main type of Raw Food which is obtained from Fishing. In addition to being Cooked in an Oven to become Cooked Fish for Energy, some types of Fish can be turned into Food using the Cooks Book for Snakeskin Sushi and Batskin Sushi.

Monster Drops

There are a few Monsters which drop Raw Meat which must be Cooked in an Oven to become Food. These include Raw Chicken from Chickens, Raw Bear Meat from Bears and Polar Bears, and Raw Giant Snake Tail from the Giant Snake. This is in contract to Food items which are directly dropped by some Monsters, such as Cheese or Honey, which do not need to be cooked, and can be consumed directly for Energy.

Foods Apple.png
SmallFishingNet.png Small Net Shrimp.png Shrimp (Raw) Anchovy.png Anchovy (Raw) Sardine.png Sardine (Raw)
Crab.png Crab (Raw) Piranha.png Piranha (Raw)
FishingRod.png Fishing Rod Trout.png Trout (Raw) Salmon.png Salmon (Raw) Eel.png Eel (Raw)
SeaTurtle.png Sea Turtle (Raw) RainbowFish.png Rainbow Fish (Raw)
Harpoon.png Harpoon Tuna.png Tuna (Raw) Swordfish.png Swordfish (Raw) MantaRay.png Manta Ray (Raw)
Shark.png Shark (Raw) Whale.png Whale (Raw)
BananaTree.png Trees MapleSyrup.png Maple Syrup Apple.png Apples Bananas.png Bananas Coconuts.png Coconuts
CooksBook1.png Book Food Salad.png Mushroom Salad OysterMornay.png Oyster Mornay SnakeSushiTrout.png Snakeskin Sushi
SeaweedChicken.png Seaweed Chicken BatSkinSushi.png Batskin Sushi ChickenSalad.png Chicken Salad
AppleCandy.png Apple Candy CoconutMeat.png Coconut Meat
Other Cheese.png Cheese Honey.png Honey Chicken.png Chicken (Raw) Carrot.png Carrots BearMeat.png Bear Meat (Raw)
GiantSnakeTail.png Giant Snake Tail (Raw) EmptyStew.png Stews
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