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Quests are one-time activities involving story that are often used to advance the game. Many must be unlocked by completing quests, including Crafting, Farming, Fishing, and Magic, as well as many other aspects of the game, such as owning a House, learning the Poison Spell, and cooking Stews.

The Missing Feathers

ArcherQuest.png The Missing Feathers
An Archer is in need of Feathers to finish Crafting his Arrows!
Difficulty Easy
Start Have any Sword equipped.
Rewards Expand to Reveal Spoilers

Give Feathers to the Archer. Feathers can be obtained by killing Chickens in the Fields.

Let The Mining Begin

Miner.png Let The Mining Begin
A Miner would like to show you how to mine.
Difficulty Easy
Start No Requirements.
Rewards Expand to Reveal Spoilers

Mine some Stone and Copper, and smelt 5 Bronze Bars.

Bob's Panic

BobSad.png Bob's Panic
With the world becoming evil, Bob needs your help.
Difficulty Easy
Start Taint the World.
Rewards Expand to Reveal Spoilers

Chop down 1 Tree.

The Researcher

Researcher.png The Researcher
A Scientist would like to keep working and needs your help.
Difficulty Easy
Start Unlock 6 different.
Rewards Expand to Reveal Spoilers
  • 1 Quest Point QuestPoints.png
  • A House of your choosing.
  • Ability to Research Skill Perks, accessible from the Researcher in the new Home tab. Researching perks will cost a certain amount of Coins and take a certain amount of time, during which no other perks can be researched, depending on the tier of the research.

To employ the Scientist, you must build a House. You have the option of choosing to build a Cabin, Castle, or Mansion, which cost different resources to construct. There is no substantial difference to which house you choose later in the game - it will give minor changes in some quest dialog, and will change the image that appears in the new "Home" tab.

The Fisherman

Fisherman.png The Fisherman
A Fisherman is in need for Glass to finish his Fishing Rod.
Difficulty Easy
Start Have Glass on you.
Rewards Expand to Reveal Spoilers
  • 2 Quest Points QuestPoints.png
  • Unlocks the Fishing Skill
  • You can choose ONE of the following to use as your fishing tool: Small Net, Fishing Rod, Harpoon. They all will give roughly the same amount of Energy per time from the Raw Fish caught, however the Small Net or Fishing Rod is recommended for lower tier cooking Ovens, since more quantities of lower energy fish is more efficient than less fish of higher energy when your burn rate is high.
  • 1 Tuna.png Tuna, 1 Trout.png Trout, 1 Anchovy.png Anchovy

The Telescope

TelescopePart.png The Telescope
Help fix the Astronomer's telescope.
Difficulty Easy
Start Must own a House.
Rewards Expand to Reveal Spoilers
  • ? Quest Points QuestPoints.png

Fight in the Fields until you get a Rat, which will drop the Telescope Lens, then return to the telescope/quest. Use the Stardust Hammer to put together the telescope. To set-up the telescope, initiate a fight in the Fields.

The Giant Snake

GiantSnake monster idle 0.png The Giant Snake
A giant snake is roaming the forest.
Difficulty Easy
Start Have crafted snakeskin armour.
Rewards Expand to Reveal Spoilers

Upon starting the quest, you will be able to fight the Giant Snake only if the timer for it is active. Initiating a fight in the forest when the timer is active only gives a chance at fighting the Giant Snake. Wearing full snakeskin armour will completely negate all damage from the Giant Snake, making the fight very easy.

The Wizard

WizardStaff.png The Wizard
You're a wizard, Smitty.
Difficulty Medium
Start Defeated the boss after the forest.
Rewards Expand to Reveal Spoilers

To start this quest, you must first defeat the boss after the forest, Bushy. It is recommended to use a dagger and full snakeskin armour. After defeating Bushy, he will drop the Staff. Giving the Staff back to the Wizard will complete the quest.

The Fisherman Part 2

SpecialFish.png The Fisherman Part 2
A fisherman needs help to find a special catch.
Difficulty Medium
Start Have a ruby or diamond in your fishing tool.
Rewards Expand to Reveal Spoilers
  • ? Quest Points QuestPoints.png
  • The ability to use the other two fishing tools that you did not choose in 'The Fisherman' quest to catch new types of fish. You can only use one tool at a time and the tools must be upgraded with gems individually.

You must purchase special bait from the fisherman at 500 coins each and then equip this special bait for a chance at obtaining the special fish. You will continue to catch fish normally while the special bait is equipped, but will also have a 1/200 chance to catch the special fish. You CANNOT receive the special fish from diving or a boat trip, only from normal fishing with the special bait equipped. It can take a significant amount of time and money to catch the special fish, so be patient!

Mommy The Spider

SpiderMommy.png Mommy The Spider
Mommy is embarrassed that her babies spit out poison on every occasion.
Difficulty Easy
Start Killed 3 spiders in caves.
Rewards Expand to Reveal Spoilers
  • ? Quest Points QuestPoints.png
  • The Poison Spell Scroll which allows you to cast the Poison spell with Level 5 Magic

Craft a small vial and click it to equip it. Equip your main weapon and start a battle with a spider in the Caves. Once the spider starts spitting poison, equip the vial to catch the poison and receive the poison vial. If you die, you will still receive the poison vial.

The Stew Chef

Chef.png The Stew Chef
A chef needs your help making the perfect stew.
Difficulty Medium
Start Have level 40 Cooking or more.
Rewards Expand to Reveal Spoilers
  • 2 Quest Points QuestPoints.png
  • Ability to make stews assigned by the chef in the cooking tab. Only one stew can be made every 24 hours and the stews are assigned randomly by the chef. Drinking stews give a random amount of energy and combat cooldown, that scales to your level. The Tier 4 Cooking Research can be used to view the energy and cooldown before making the potion, and allows potions to be skipped (though it still initiates the 24 hour cooldown).

You must collect four spices to make a stew for the chef. The spices can be obtained from: the fields, ents, Lava Dungeon loot bags, and underwater diving. The chef is very picky and requires from 1-4 of each spice to be added to the stew. He will tell you if the amount of each spice you added is correct or not, but will not tell you how many it needs, so you must figure this out by testing different amounts until he likes it. The amount of each spice is random and different for everyone.

The Frozen Barbarian

FrozenBarbarian monster idle 0.png The Frozen Barbarian
A Barbarian is freezing to death.
Difficulty Medium
Start Killed 3 boneheads in the northern fields.
Rewards Expand to Reveal Spoilers

Note: You will LOSE your bow if you choose to give it to the barbarian, so make sure you want to trade it for the above materials before you do!

After starting the quest, on the second screen of the Northern Fields (near the Ice Hawk boss), you will now find a barbarian frozen in a block of ice. Clicking on it will initiate the fight. You will not take any damage (as long as you wear Bear Fur Armour or Polar Bear Fur Armour), but the Barbarian trapped inside the ice takes cold damage over time and if he dies, you will fail. Spam the Fire Spell and deal 30 damage before his health runs out.

The Fish Eggs Experiment

TridentShark.png The Fish Eggs Experiment
Yet again, the fisherman needs your help!
Difficulty Medium
Start Completed The Fisherman Part 2. Opened an ocean loot bag.
Rewards Expand to Reveal Spoilers

Upon starting the quest, the Fisherman will tell you that he needs to collect Shark eggs and Trident Soldier eggs for an experiment that he's working on. You must kill a Shark and Trident Soldier to obtain the eggs (it seems to be a guaranteed drop after starting the quest).


KingsKnightIcon.png Traitor!
A traitor has been discovered.
Difficulty Hard
Start Found the traitor.
Rewards Expand to Reveal Spoilers

To start the quest, you need to first complete the Dungeon Puzzle. You will eventually fight the Corrupted Knight.