The Missing Feathers[edit | edit source]

Give feathers to the archer

Let The Mining Begin[edit | edit source]

Mine some Stone and copper, and smelt 5 copper bars

Bob's Panic[edit | edit source]

Chop down 1 tree

The Researcher[edit | edit source]

Make a house

The Fisherman[edit | edit source]

Get glass for the fisherman and choose a fishing style.

Reward : You can choose 1 of the 3 fishing tools and start fishing.

The Giant Snake[edit | edit source]

Fight the snake in the forest. Wait until you have full snakeskin armor, which will negate all damage done by the snake.

The Telescope[edit | edit source]

Fight in the Fields until you get a Rat, which will drop the lens, then return to the telescope/quest.

The Wizard[edit | edit source]

Defeat Bushy to do this quest. To do this you will need to give the wizard back his staff and you are given your mana.

Reward : Magic

The Fisherman Part 2[edit | edit source]

Have a ruby or diamond socketed into your fishing hook and the fisherman wants you to catch a super rare fish now.

Reward : Allow you to change between different fishing tools.

Mommy The Spider[edit | edit source]

After killing 3 spiders start the quest. Craft a small vial and click it to equip it. Equip your main weapon and start a battle with a spider. Once the spider hits 8 health equip the vial to catch poison.

Reward : Poison spell

The Frozen Barbarian[edit | edit source]

A Barbarian is freezing to death. You must go to the 2nd part of the northern fields (near Ice Hawk) and spam the fire spell and deal 30 damage before its health runs out.

Rewards from Bow:

20k coins, 50 gold ore, 25 gold bars, 500,000 star dust, 20 promethium bars, 50 arrows, 25 fire arrows, 10 polar bear fur

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