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Potions are consumable items that can be made with the Brewing skill that give various effects upon being drunk. Potions are created with a vial and various ingredients, including at least one type of Leaf, oftentimes a type of Mushroom, and other various ingredients depending on the potion. Potions with better effects may often be brewed at higher levels, such as the Stardust Potion at Level 1 compared with the Large Stardust Potion at Level 35. Most potions will give an effect for a certain amount of time, and this timer can be extended by upgrading the Brewing Kit with gems, with up to a doubling of the base effect time with the Diamond Brewing Kit.

Effect Timer

The potion effect timer cannot be extended by drinking more potions - this will simply reset the timer to the maximum time, based on your Brewing Kit. However, with Brewing Research 2, you can drink two potions to extend the timer to double the effect time. There is currently only one potion that has a cooldown timer instead of an effect timer, the Cooking Boost Potion, meaning that a new potion cannot be drunk until the timer has ended. The effect for the Cooking Boost Potion lasts for one piece of food.

List of Potions

Potion Level Materials XP Time Effect
Stardust Potion StardustPotion.png 1 1 DottedGreenLeaf.png
15 RedMushroom.png
50 5:00 Gain some stardust over time.
Sand Potion SandPotion.png 3 2 DottedGreenLeaf.png
20 RedMushroom.png
80 1:00:00 Increases the chance of finding sand with a shovel.
Cooking Boost Potion CookingBoostPotion.png 5 2 GreenLeaf.png
10 RedMushroom.png
70 1 food item Increases your cooking level by 10 for the next food that you cook.
Fight Points Potion CombatCooldownPotion.png 8 3 DottedGreenLeaf.png
3 GreenLeaf.png
5 Bones.png
210 10:00 Gain Fight Points twice as fast.
Easter Egg Potion EasterEggPotion.png 9 1 DottedGreenLeaf.png 20 30:00 Small chance of finding a brewing easter egg.
Compost Potion CompostPotion.png 10
2 GreenLeaf.png
20 RedMushroom.png
140 30:00 Crops grow twice as fast.
Oil Potion OilPotion.png 13
4 DottedGreenLeaf.png
1 Oil.png
80 30:00 Increases oil income by 10.
Bone Potion BonePotion.png 15
5 DottedGreenLeaf.png
20 Bones.png
100 2:00:00 Passively collects bones over time.
Tree Starter Potion TreeStarterPotion.png 18
3 DottedGreenLeaf.png
50 RedMushroom.png
1 Logs.png
160 10:00 Doubles your chances for a tree to start growing.
Repel Potion RepelPotion1.png 20 1StrangeLeafFix.png


1500 1 use Avoid an enemy in the fields, forest or caves.
Bar Potion BarPotion.png 22
2 GreenLeaf.png
2 LimeLeaf.png
1 BronzeBars.png
1 IronBars.png
1 SilverBars.png
1 GoldBars.png
600 10:00 20% chance that two bars are smelted instead of one, without using an extra ore. Works on Bronze, Iron, Silver, Gold.
Sapphire Stardust Potion SapphireStardustPotion.png 25 1 LimeLeaf.png
100 RedMushroom.png
450 1 use Can be poured on a sapphire, converting it into
[20,000 + 1% per brewing level] stardust.
Mana Potion LargeManaPotion.png 30 5 StrangeLeafFix.png 5,000 1 use Restore 5 mana instantly in combat.
Large Stardust Potion LargeStardustPotion.png 35 5 GoldLeaf.png
450 RedMushroom.png
4,400 5:00 Gain some stardust over time.
Furnace Potion LargeFurnacePotion.png 38 1 GoldLeaf.png
15 GreenLeaf.png
200 RedMushroom.png
1,850 30:00 Your furnace will run 3 times as fast.
Pirate Potion LargePiratePotion.png 40 20 DottedGreenLeaf.png
20 GreenLeaf.png
200 RedMushroom.png
1,900 3:00:00 Doubles your pirate's chance to find a map.
Emerald Stardust Potion LargeEmeraldStardustPotion.png 45 20 LimeLeaf.png
800 RedMushroom.png
6,600 1 use Can be poured on an emerald, converting it into
[80,000 + 1% per brewing level] stardust.
Rocket Speed Potion LargeRocketSpeedPotion.png 50 80 DottedGreenLeaf.png
50 GreenLeaf.png
50,000 Oil.png
4,100 2:00:00 Doubles your rocket's speed.
Repel Potion RepelPotion2.png 53 5StrangeLeafFix.png


7000 1 use Avoid an enemy in the lava dungeon, northern fields or cemetery.
Large Bar Potion LargeBarPotion.png 55 8 GoldLeaf.png
50 LimeLeaf.png
1 BronzeBars.png
1 IronBars.png
1 SilverBars.png
1 GoldBars.png
1 PromethiumBars.png
18,100 10:00 20% chance that two bars are smelted instead of one, without using an extra ore. Works on Bronze, Iron, Silver, Gold, Promethium.
Ruby Stardust Potion LargeRubyStardustPotion.png 60 16 GoldLeaf.png
1,500 RedMushroom.png
14,200 1 use Can be poured on a ruby, converting it into stardust.
Large Oil Factory Potion LargeOilFactoryPotion.png 63 40 GreenLeaf.png
2,500 RedMushroom.png
7,000 30:00 Workers in oil factories will produce double the oil.

Potions LargeStardustPotion.png
Vial.png Small Vial StardustPotion.png Stardust Potion SandPotion.png Sand Potion CookingBoostPotion.png Cooking Boost Potion

CombatCooldownPotion.png Fight Points Potion CompostPotion.png Compost Potion OilPotion.png Oil Potion BonePotion.png Bone Potion
TreeStarterPotion.png Tree Starter Potion RepelPotion1.png Repel Potion BarPotion.png Bar Potion
SapphireStardustPotion.png Sapphire Stardust Potion

LargeVial.png Large Vial LargeManaPotion.png Mana Potion LargeStardustPotion.png Large Stardust Potion LargeFurnacePotion.png Furnace Potion LargePiratePotion.png Pirate Potion
LargeEmeraldStardustPotion.png Emerald Stardust Potion LargeRocketSpeedPotion.png Rocket Speed Potion RepelPotion2.png Large Repel Potion
LargeBarPotion.png Large Bar Potion LargeRubyStardustPotion.png Ruby Stardust Potion LargeOilFactoryPotion.png Large Oil Factory Potion