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Ovens are used to cook raw food and is the primary method of training the cooking skill. Raw Food which can be cooked include raw chicken, obtained by killing chickens in the fields, and raw fish, obtained from the Fishing skill. To cook raw food, logs must be burned in the oven to produce heat, and each raw food requires a certain amount of heat to cook. Each furnace will give a certain burn rate, with decreasing burn rates for higher tier furnaces. In addition, a permanent 5% burn rate reduction on all ovens can be unlocked from the Tier 3 cooking Research.

Oven Burn Rate Crafting Level Materials
Bronze Oven BronzeOven.png 50% 12 BronzeBars.png 100
Iron Oven IronOven.png 40% 25 IronBars.png 100
Silver Oven SilverOven.png 30% 35 SilverBars.png 300
Gold Oven GoldOven.png 20% 47 GoldBars.png 600
Promethium Oven PromethiumOven.png 10% 63 PromethiumBars.png 100
Titanium Oven TitaniumOven.png 0% 75 TitaniumBars.png 75

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