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Oil Wells are Buildings that allow you to produce Oil. There are currently five tiers of Oil Wells that can be Crafted, with each increasing the Oil production rate, usually listed as Oil per second. Oil is used by certain Machines or Equipment to obtain Resources, including Mining Machinery to gain Ores, the Furnace to Smelt Bars, and the Foundry to burn Logs into Charcoal. To build higher tiers of Oil Wells, you must first have built all the previous tiers. Having higher tier Oil Wells is especially useful for running more Mining Machinery at the same time, since they constantly use Oil while they are running. It is typical to run enough Mining Machines that the Oil depletion is at or near the Oil production rate, however, having higher Oil Storage units allows you to bank excess Oil so you can run Machines above the Oil production rate for longer. Machines will automatically switch off if you run out of Oil, but you can have the Miner automatically switch a defined set of Machines back on after crafting the Wrench.

Note: The listed amount of Oil produced is the total Oil produced using that Oil Well, including the production from the previous tiers of Oil well.

Unit Oil Production CraftingSkill.png Level Materials
BronzeOilWell.png Oil.png 1 Oil per second 1 BronzeBars.png 5 Bronze Bars
IronOilWell.png Oil.png 5 Oil per second 23 IronBars.png 25 Iron Bars
SilverOilWell.png Oil.png 10 Oil per second 30 SilverBars.png 200 Silver Bars
GoldOilWell.png Oil.png 20 Oil per second 43 GoldBars.png 500 Gold Bars
PromethiumOilWell.png Oil.png 35 Oil per second 56 PromethiumBars.png 40 Promethium Bars

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