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The Oil Storage units are Buildings that allow a larger maximum amount of Oil to be stored. There are currently six tiers of Oil Storage units that can be Crafted, with each increasing the maximum Oil storage available. Having more Oil allows you to run Mining Machinery at a rate higher than your Oil production rate, as well as use some Machines or Equipment that that require an up-front Oil cost, like the Rocket, Robot, Smelting Ores in the Furnace, and Burning Logs in the Foundry. To build higher tiers of Oil Storage, you must first have built all the previous tiers.

Unit Maximum Oil CraftingSkill.png Level Materials
OilStorage1.png Oil.png 5,000 22 Stone.png 1,000
OilStorage2.png Oil.png 20,000 33 Stone.png 20,000
OilStorage3.png Oil.png 100,000 45 Stone.png 50,000
OilStorage4.png Oil.png 250,000 61 Stone.png 100,000
OilStorage5.png Oil.png 600,000 77 Stone.png 400,000
OilStorage6.png Oil.png 1,000,000 82 Stone.png 1,000,000

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