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Oil Factories are a method of obtaining Oil which must be built with the Crafting skill after obtaining the relevant Blueprints. There are currently three different factories, each of which have their own blueprints which must be obtained. Each factory can contain up to 10 workers, which can be hired for 10,000 Coins.png each and provide 1 oil/second each.

Factory CraftingSkill.png Level Materials CraftingSkill.png XP Oil Rate
OilFactory.png Oil Factory 55 IronBars.png 1,000, SilverBars.png500,
GoldBars.png 250, OilFactoryBlueprint.png 1
2,150 Up to 10 Oil.png per second
PromethiumOilFactory.png Promethium Oil Factory 64 PromethiumBars.png 120, OilFactoryBlueprint.png 1 3,500 Up to 10 Oil.png per second
TitaniumOilFactory.png Titanium Oil Factory 72 TitaniumBars.png 30, OilFactoryBlueprint.png 1 5,322 Up to 10 Oil.png per second

Factory Workers

Factory Workers are hired for a one-time fee of 10,000 Coins per worker and are able to produce 1 Oil per second. Each tier of Oil Factory allows you to hire 10 additional workers. Additionally, the Green Oil Factory Orb allows you to hire an additional 50 workers, for a current maximum of 80 workers with the Titanium Oil Factory and the Green Oil Factory Orb.

Oil Factory Blueprints

The Oil Factory Blueprints are required to build the respective Oil Factory and can be found from Loot Bags from the Northern Fields, Ocean, and Castle Dungeon.

Blueprint Obtained From Builds CraftingSkill.png Level
Oil Factory Blueprints OilFactoryBlueprint.png Northern Fields Loot Bags OilFactory.png Oil Factory 55
Promethium Oil Factory Blueprints OilFactoryBlueprint.png Ocean Loot Bags PromethiumOilFactory.png Promethium Oil Factory 64
Titanium Oil Factory Blueprints OilFactoryBlueprint.png Castle Dungeon Loot Bags TitaniumOilFactory.png Titanium Oil Factory 72


  • The Titanium Oil Factory Blueprints were released significantly after the release of the other Oil Factories and after the release of Castle Dungeon Loot Bags. Because of this, if you had already opened at least 20 Dungeon Loot Bags at the time of release, you automatically received a Titanium Oil Factory Blueprint without having to open any additional Loot Bags.

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