Oil is a resource used for smelting and running mining machines.

At the start of the game you have an oil income of 0 which you can increase by crafting the Oil Well.

When you use oil for smelting it is all consumed at once and if you have machinery running it is consumed per second.

Oil Wells
Items Crafting Level Crafting Materials Effect
BronzeOilWell.png 1 5 BronzeBars.png 1 Oil.png per second
IronOilWell.png 23 25 IronBars.png BronzeOilWell.png 5 Oil.png per second
SilverOilWell.png 30 200 SilverBars.png IronOilWell.png 10 Oil.png per second
GoldOilWell.png 43 500 GoldBars.png SilverOilWell.png 20 Oil.png per second

Note that these effects do not add up cumulatively but instead each oil well overrides its predecessor. This means that you will gain just 10 Oil.png per second with the Silver Well, instead of 16 Oil.png per second (as it was the case in DH2).

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