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The Museum is a Building which can be unlocked with Crafting Research 2. It allows you to trade rare artifacts for a lot Coins and acts as a sort of Achievement system. It can be accessed from the Home Tab after being built.

Museum.png Museum Artifacts
Item Obtained from Coins.png Coins
Sapphire Glass Hand SapphireGlassHand.png 12 Crafting 15,000
Emerald Glass Hand EmeraldGlassHand.png 39 Crafting 40,000
Ruby Glass Hand RubyGlassHand.png 62 Crafting 100,000
Diamond Glass Hand DiamondGlassHand.png 80 Crafting 500,000
Broken Stinger BrokenStinger.png Bee 10,000
Snake Bones SnakeBones.png Giant Snake 5,000
Giant Pearl GiantPearl.png Oyster 25,000
Rare Giant Pearl RareGiantPearl.png Special Oyster (Blue one) 50,000
Skull SkeletonSkull.png Skeleton 18,000
Ghost Clothes GhostClothes.png Faradox Minion 2 50,000
Giant Cockroach Cockroach.png A random tree (1/100 chance) 10.000
Golden Cockroach GoldenCockroach.png A random tree (1/500 chance) 30,000
Small Shell SmallSeaShell.png Oxygen Tank (1/5 chance) 5,000
Medium Shell MediumSeaShell.png Oxygen Tank (1/20 chance) 10,000
Large Shell LargeSeaShell.png Oxygen Tank (1/100 chance) 20,000
Yeti's Left Foot YetiLeftFoot.png Yeti 25,000
Yeti's Right Foot YetiRightFoot.png Yeti 25,000
Snowman SnowmanCrafted.png Crafted from parts dropped by

monsters in Northern Field + silver bucket and stone

Shark Tooth SharkTooth.png Shark 50,000
Orange Stone Eyes YellowStoneEyes.png Stone Women killed in orange phase. 25,000
Red Stone Eyes RedStoneEyes.png Stone Women killed in red phase. 25,000
Purple Stone Eyes PurpleStoneEyes.png Stone Women killed in purple phase. 25,000
Blue Stone Eyes BlueStoneEyes.png Stone Women killed in blue phase. 25,000
Green Stone Eyes GreenStoneEyes.png Stone Women killed in green phase. 25,000
Burnt Remains BurntRemains.png Castle Dungeon Loot Bags 100,000
Glowing Gold Bar GlowingGoldBar.png Defeating the Traitor 250,000

Total coins obtainable from Museum: 1,563,000

Museum Museum.png
GlobalLevel.png Skilling SmallSeaShell.png Small Shell MediumSeaShell.png Medium Shell LargeSeaShell.png Large Shell GiantPearl.png Giant Pearl RareGiantPearl.png Rare Giant Pearl
Cockroach.png Giant Cockroach GoldenCockroach.png Golden Cockroach
CraftingSkill.png Crafting SapphireGlassHand.png Sapphire Glass Hand EmeraldGlassHand.png Emerald Glass Hand RubyGlassHand.png Ruby Glass Hand

DiamondGlassHand.png Diamond Glass Hand SnowmanCrafted.png Snowman

Castle Dungeon GreenStoneEyes.png Green Stone Eyes PurpleStoneEyes.png Purple Stone Eyes RedStoneEyes.png Red Stone Eyes YellowStoneEyes.png Orange Stone Eyes
BlueStoneEyes.png Blue Stone Eyes BurntRemains.png Burnt Remains
Drops BrokenStinger.png Broken Stinger SnakeBones.png Snake Bones SkeletonSkull.png Skull GhostClothes.png Ghost Clothes
YetiLeftFoot.png Yeti's Left Foot YetiRightFoot.png Yeti's Right Foot SharkTooth.png Shark Tooth GlowingGoldBar.png Glowing Gold Bar

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