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Moulds are items used to craft a special item, usually a Tool or Armour piece. They are similar to Blueprints in that they must be obtained before the item can be crafted, even if all other materials and levels are obtained. There are currently five tool moulds, all but one of which are dropped by a certain Monster, and five Promethium Armour moulds, which are obtained from the Castle Chest.

List of Moulds

Mould Mould.png Obtained From Crafts CraftingSkill.png Level
Brewing Kit Mould BrewingKitMould.png Community Center BrewingKit.png Brewing Kit
Chainsaw Mould ChainsawMould.png Ghost Chainsaw.png Chainsaw
Trowel Mould TrowelMould.png Skeleton Ghost Trowel.png Trowel 58
Watch Mould WatchMould.png Lava Alien Watch.png Watch 43
Wrench Mould WrenchMould.png Bone Head Wrench.png Wrench 30
Spyglass Mould SpyglassMould.png Piranhas Spyglass.png Spyglass 65
Ring Mould RingMould.png Loot Bags ManaRingSilver.png Rings 20/40/60/80
Promethium Helmet Mould PromethiumHelmetMould.png Castle Chest PromethiumHelmet.png Promethium Helmet 60
Promethium Body Mould PromethiumBodyMould.png Castle Chest PromethiumBody.png Promethium Body 60
Promethium Legs Mould PromethiumLegsMould.png Castle Chest PromethiumLegs.png Promethium Legs 60
Promethium Gloves Mould PromethiumGlovesMould.png Castle Chest PromethiumGloves.png Promethium Gloves 60
Promethium Boots Mould PromethiumBootsMould.png Castle Chest PromethiumBoots.png Promethium Boots 60