Monsters are strong, and are encountered in combat. Monsters have special abilities (some) and strength depending on the area where you encounter them. Each monster has a chance of dropping you their sigil, with odds of 1/10,000.

List of all monsters[edit | edit source]

Monster Name Zone
Chicken monster.gif Chicken Fields
Rat monster.gif Rat Fields
Bee monster.gif Bee Fields
Ent monster.gif Ent Forest
Snake monster.gif Snake Forest
Thief monster.gif Thief Forest
Bushy monster.gif Bushy Boss
Bear monster.gif Bear Caves
SpiderMonster.png Spider Caves
Skeleton monster.gif Skeleton Caves
LavaAlien monster.gif Lava Alien Lava Dungeon
Bat monster.gif Bat Lava Dungeon
FireMage monster.gif Fire Mage Lava Dungeon
FireHawk monster.gif Fire Hawk Boss
BoneHead monster.gif Bone Head Northern Fields
MammaPolarBear monster.gif Mamma Polar Bear Northern Fields
Yeti monster.gif Yeti Northern Fields
Ice hawk.gif Ice Hawk Boss
GhostMonster.png Ghost Cemetery
SkeletonGhostMonster.png Skeleton Ghost Cemetery
ReaperMonster.png Reaper Cemetery

Monsters BeeMonster.png
Fields Chicken Rat Bee
Forest Snake Ent Thief
Giant Snake
Caves Bear Spider Skeleton
Lava Dungeon Lava Alien Bat Fire Mage
Fire Hawk
Northern Fields Bone Head Mamma Polar Bear Yeti
Ice Hawk
Cemetery Ghost Skeleton Ghost Reaper
Special Faradox Minion 2
Normal Monsters appear in Blue Bosses appear in Purple and Italic Special Monster appear in Green

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