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Money in DH3 is much slower than Money in DH2 or DHM. Here are a few ways to get money for Research or the Player Market.

An easy way is to sell thing like seeds and raw fish @min and it will sell very fast.

it works i tried it


Rare Drops (Softcore Only)

This way consists of getting rare drops from monsters, such as Bow From Bone head, Scythe From Reaper, and Trident from Trident Soldier. However, you will need to have good RNG. Stone Mace and Invisibility Amulet can also work, but they are not as effective for the simple reason that they are too rare, and sell for too little.

Last updated Dec 3 2020
Rare Drop Area Monster Chance of Dropping Selling Price on market Remarks
Bow Northern Fields Energy.png 5,000 Hourglass grey.png 2 hours Bone Head 1/16 1m~, Some top-tier players buy all of them in the market for Magic Bow Prices are fluctuating. As more and more people advance in combat, prices decrease, but at the same time more people need bows for transforming, prices increase
Scythe Cemetery Energy.png 10,000 Hourglass grey.png 2 hours 30 minutes Reaper 1/20 600kish Prices are fluctuating, more people are reaching cemetery and at the same time more people need scythes for transformation.
Trident Ocean Energy.png 16,000 Hourglass grey.png 3 hours Trident 1/22 500k~ The prices are once 4-5m. But due to trident not yet having a transformation while people are reaching ocean, it is started to get worthless thus not worth grinding.

Stardust (Softcore Only)


This is simple. Stardust Packs can sell on the player market for 700 each. This means that 1M stardust can sell for 700k, depending on your price. However, many players decide to boost their Crafting or Mining levels instead of selling.

Since Stardust Seeds, when harvested, give from 10k-30k stardust, this makes it viable for low level players.

Bronze Bars and Copper (Suitable of Hardcore)


You can sell Bronze Bars to the NPC Shop for 5 Coins each. With a reliable source of mining and a good furnace capacity (Promethium makes it a good method) you can spam bars and sell them for good coins. With a furnace capacity of 500 (from Promethium Furnace) you gain 2500 coins per 3 clicks. This can be made better with Bar Potion and Furnace Potion.

Give your life up to Diamond Hunt (Softcore Only)

It is what it sounds like. Quit everything you have and are participating on, basically do nothing except sleep, eat, and play diamond hunt. Reduce your sleeping time to the bare minimum. This allows you to keep smelting and woodcutting and farming and combatting, which you would otherwise be sleeping and not doing. This method is extremely popular among the high court of Diamond Hunters, and notable names include Shtos, Agrodon, Anwinity, Pickle Rick, Pizza1337, and many more. Basically anyone who is in the top 15 in the leaderboard. (Ridaren is a special case, he is hardcore but he has given his life up and gotten good results somehow, even when this is Softcore only) However, this will affect your life in a hugely negative way, so be cautious if planning to follow this route. This allows you to smelt thousands and thousands of copper bars, immediately cut a tree , and farm endlessly with your Red Mushroom Seeds.

P2W (Softcore Only)

The most frowned upon way to victory, but also the most efficient. The strat is as follows: Get thousands of dollars into your credit card. Buy tens of thousands of Donor Coins. Sell them on the player market for 10k each, but save enough so that you have 200 donor coins remaining, for your own donor perks. If you spend 10 thousand dollars on diamond hunt, you will receive almost 100 million Coins. Much more than Scythe or whatever dirt that is.

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