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Mining is a skill used for obtaining ores, sand, gems and geodes. Miners or machinery are needed to obtain ores. The shovel is required to get sand. Mining XP can be obtained by converting ores with the Pickaxe or when finding gems, stardust prisms, or geodes after finding the respective Mining Scroll with Mining Research 5.


Ores are the primary resource obtained from the mining skill, and can be sold, used to craft bars, or used to obtain mining XP. Socketing a Gem into the pickaxe reduces the amount of stardust needed, but does not change the amount of ores needed.

Ore Stone.png Copper.png Iron.png Silver.png Gold.png Promethium.png Titanium.png Moonstone.png MarsRock.png
MiningSkill.png Level 1 1 5 10 20 40 65 - -
MiningSkill.png XP per item 0.1 1 5 10 25 500 - 1,000 5,000
Coins.png NPC Sell Price 1 2 3 5 10 50 600 1,000 3,000


There are currently three different mining tools, each of which has a different purpose. They can each also be upgraded with gems to improve their function.


The Pickaxe is the first tool obtained for mining and is used in conjunction with stardust and ores to obtain Mining XP. The pickaxe can be improved by socketing gems up to diamond, which will decrease the amount of stardust used per XP, but will not change the amount of ores required.


The Shovel is used to obtain sand which is used to make glass with the crafting skill. Socketing the shovel with gems will increase the rate at which sand is found.

Shovels Shovel.png SapphireShovel.png EmeraldShovel.png RubyShovel.png DiamondShovel.png
Sand Rate 1/4,000 1/3,500 1/3,000 1/2,500 1/2,000


The Chisel is used to break open geodes, which can be found by using Machinery after unlocking the Tier 4 Mining research. Breaking open the gems gives a chance of find minerals, which can be used to craft the rings. Socketing the chisel with gems will decrease the failure rate of opening gems, down to a 0% failure rate with a diamond chisel.

Chisels Chisel.png SapphireChisel.png EmeraldChisel.png RubyChisel.png DiamondChisel.png
Failure Rate 50% 40% 30% 20% 0%


The Wrench can be used by the Miner to automatically turn on a predetermined set of Machinery if your Oil is depleted. It can be crafted after obtaining the Wrench Mould as a drop from Boneheads. The wrench is the only tool which cannot be upgraded with gems.



Oil is an important resource for Mining which is used to operate all Mining Machinery as well as the Rocket. It is obtained by Oil Wells and Oil Factories and can be increased by upgrading either of these. In addition, the Blue Oil Well Orb will double the amount of oil produced by Oil Wells, but not Oil Factories. Only a finite amount of oil can be stored at once, which can be increased by upgrading the Oil Storage.

Mining Machinery

At the start, the player gets the Miner from the Quest "Let the Mining Begin" as the first digger. Gradually, higher level machines will be available to craft and use. The Ore from mining can be used to sell to the shop for Coins.

Generally, higher tier machines just mine ores slightly better than lower tier ones, but this is not scaled to the amount of oil being used.

Method Crafting


Miner.png - 0 1/14 1/49 1/500 1/3,000 1/20,000 1/100,000 1/1,000,000 -
Drills.png 10 1 1/11 1/29 1/250 1/1,000 1/8,000 1/70,000 1/500,000 -
Crushers.png 20 3 1/8 1/20 1/150 1/750 1/4,000 1/50,000 1/150,000 -
GiantDrills.png 50 10 1/5 1/15 1/88 1/250 1/2,000 1/20,000 1/60,000 -
Excavators.png 65 30 1/3 1/8 1/30 1/120 1/1,000 1/8,000 1/20,000 1/200,000
GiantExcavators.png 86 65 1/1 1/4 1/15 1/60 1/500 1/4,000 1/10,000 1/44,600


The Rocket is a special piece of mining equipment which can be made with 60 crafting and is used to bring back resources from the Moon. The Rocket takes 100,000 oil to launch and will take approximately 5 days to return from a round trip. Upon reaching the moon, the player can receive various resources including stardust, promethium ore, and moonstone. With Mining Research 6, you can instead send your Rocket to Mars.


In addition to ores, miners will begin to find gems after the player researches "Ability to find gems" for 100 coins. Gems can be sold for coins, converted into stardust with potions, used to craft keys to open treasure chests, or used to upgrade the effect of tools. The amount of machinery being used does not affect the chance of receiving gems - just one miner or machinery needs to be working to obtain the same chance of receiving gems per tick.

Stardust Prisms

Stardust prisms are resources which can be found after completing the Tier 2 Mining research. Stardust prisms come in different sizes, with larger size prisms requiring a higher mining level to receive. The prisms can be opened to obtain a varying amount of stardust. Additionally, opening a prism is the solution to a treasure map clue.

Size Mining Level Frequency Minimum SD Maximum SD
SmallStardustPrism.pngSmall 5 1/4,320 1 Stardust.png 1,000 Stardust.png
MediumStardustPrism.pngMedium 20 1/66,000 1 Stardust.png 15,000 Stardust.png
LargeStardustPrism.pngLarge 50 1/188,000 1 Stardust.png 50,000 Stardust.png
HugeStardustPrism.pngHuge 80 1/400,000 1 Stardust.png ? Stardust.png


Geodes are resources that can be found by Machinery after unlocking the Mining Research 4. To find geodes, the machinery must be running, and each type of machine has a chance to find a different type of geode. Geodes can be opened with the Chisel for a chance of obtaining Minerals. Each type of geode can yield three unique Minerals which can be used to craft Rings.

Geode Rate Unique Minerals
BlueGeode.png Blue Geode 1/51,840 per
Drills.png Drill
LimeQuartzMineral.png Lime Quartz JadeMineral.png JadeAmethystMineral.png Amethyst
GreenGeode.png Green Geode 1/259,200 per
Crushers.png Crusher
BlueMarbleMineral.png Blue Marble LimoniteMineral.png Limonite TashmarineMineral.png Tashmarine
RedGeode.png Red Geode 1/777,600 per
GiantDrills.png Giant Drill
DenseMarbleMineral.png Dense Marble FluoriteMineral.png Fluorite PurpleQuartzMineral.png Purple Quartz
PurpleGeode.png Purple Geode 1/1,555,200 per
Excavators.png Excavator
CrystalPrismeMineral.png Crystal Prisme AmberMineral.png Amber TanzaniteMineral.png Tanzanite

Mining Scrolls

Mining Scrolls can be obtained after unlocking Mining Research 5 for 500,000 coins and offers an alternative way of gaining Mining XP. They allow you to obtain Mining XP from finding Gems, Geodes, and Stardust Prisms. To unlock each new ability, you must first obtain the respective scroll.

Mining XP Source XP Avg XP / 100 Days
Sapphire.png Sapphire 1,000 86,400
Emerald.png Emerald 2,500 86,400
Ruby.png Ruby 10,000 172,800
Diamond.png Diamond 40,000 345,600
BloodDiamond.png Blood Diamond 1,200,000 414,720
SmallStardustPrism.png Small Prism 40 80,000
MediumStardustPrism.png Medium Prism 1,000 130,909
LargeStardustPrism.png Large Prism 2,500 114,894
HugeStardustPrism.png Huge Prism 5,000 108,000
BlueGeode.png Blue Geode 100 50,000 (16,667 per Drill)
GreenGeode.png Green Geode 500 50,000 (16,667 per Crusher)
RedGeode.png Red Geode 2,000 66,667 (22,222 per Giant Drill)
PurpleGeode.png Purple Geode 4,500 75,000 (25,000 per Excavator)


Various upgrades and perks can be unlocked for the Mining skill through Research.

Tier Cost Description
Tier 1 Coins.png 100 Ability to find gems.
Tier 2 Coins.png 1,000 Ability to find stardust prisms.
Tier 3 Coins.png 25,000 Ability to own 3 of each mining machinery.
Tier 4 Coins.png 200,000 Mining machinery can now find geodes.
Tier 5 Coins.png 500,000 Ability to find special mining scrolls to learn different ways of gaining additional XP.
Tier 6 Coins.png 800,000 Ability to send your Rocket to Mars.

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