Mining is a skill used for obtaining Ores, Gems and Sand. Miners or machinery need to be used to obtain ores. The Shovel is required to get Sand.

Leveling[edit | edit source]

Players don't get mining XP from mining, but use the Pickaxe to fuse ores and stardust and convert them into Mining XP. Socketing a Gem into the pickaxe reduce the amount of stardust needed.

Ore Stone.png Copper.png Iron.png Silver.png Gold.png Promethium.png
XP per item 0.1 1 5 25

Mining Machinery[edit | edit source]

At the start, the player get the Miner from the Quest "Let the Mining Begin" as the first digger. Gradually, higher level machines will be available to craft and use. The Ore from mining can be used to sell to the shop for Coins.

Generally, higher tier machines just mine ores slightly better than lower tier ones, but this is not scaled to the amount of oil being used.

Method Crafting


Oil.png Stone.png Copper.png Iron.png Silver.png Gold.png Promethium.png
Miner.png - 0 1/14 1/49 1/500 1/3000 1/20000 1/100000
Drills.png 10 1 1/11 1/29 1/250 1/1000 1/8000 1/70000
Crushers.png 20 3 1/8 1/20 1/150 1/750 1/4000 1/50000
GiantDrills.png 50 10 1/5 1/15 1/88 1/250 1/2000 1/20000
Mining Level 1 1 5 10 20 40

Gems[edit | edit source]

In addition to ores, miners will begin to find gems after the player researches "Ability to find gems" for 100 coins. Learn more at Gems.

Stardust Prisms[edit | edit source]

Miners will begin to find stardust prisms after completing research for "Ability to find stardust prisms," which costs 1,000 coins. The types of prisms available depend on the player's mining level.

Size Mining Level Frequency Minimum SD Maximum SD
SmallStardustPrism.pngSmall 5 1/4,320 1 Stardust.png 1,000 Stardust.png
MediumStardustPrism.pngMedium 20 1/66,000 1 Stardust.png 15,000 Stardust.png
LargeStardustPrism.pngLarge 50 1/188,000 1 Stardust.png 50,000 Stardust.png
HugeStardustPrism.pngHuge 80 1/TBA
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