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The Miner is an NPC first encountered during the Let the Mining Begin Quest. After completing the quest, he agrees to start Mining for you and becomes the first Mining Machinery. He is the only method of mining that does not require Oil. Once you are able to craft other Mining Machines, it's recommended to keep the Miner mining Stone, as he is the most efficient at mining stone of all the mining machines.

After crafting the Wrench, he will be able to restart a set configuration of Mining Machinery whenever they get turned off because of Oil depletion. This allows you to run machines at a rate higher than your Oil output, without having to worry about restarting them yourself once the Oil is depleted.

Ores Chance Average Amount per Day
Stone.png Stone 1/14 ~6,171 per day
Copper.png Copper Ore 1/49 ~1,763 per day
Iron.png Iron Ore 1/500 ~172 per day
Silver.png Silver Ore 1/3,000 ~28 per day
Gold.png Gold Ore 1/20,000 ~4.32 per day
Promethium.png Promethium Ore 1/100,000 ~0.68 per day
Titanium.png Titanium Ore 1/1,000,000 ~0.09 per day

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