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Machines are a type of equipment that perform a certain function.

Mining Machinery

Mining Machinery are Machines used to Mine Ores. The four main types are Drills, Crushers, Giant Drills, and Excavators. They each require Oil to run, and up to three of each can be Crafted and run after completing Mining Research 3. In addition, the Rocket is a Mining Machine that can be used to collect ores from Space and the Robot can be used to collect Ores from deep underground.


The Planter is a type of Farming machine that will harvest and plant Seeds in all Farming Patches by right clicking on it (to harvest) or right clicking on the desired seeds (to plant).


There are three Fishing machines that can be Crafted which allow the Player to go on special Fishing Trips instead of using their Fishing Tools to catch Fish. These are the Oxygen Tank, Row Boat, and Canoe Boat.

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