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Logs are a resource that are obtained with the Woodcutting skill by chopping down Trees. Logs are primarily used with the Oven to produce Heat to cook Raw Food, though they can also be used with the Foundry to produce Charcoal and are used to craft various items. Logs can also be sold to the NPC Shop or Player Market.

Logs are obtained with the Axe which can be upgraded with Gems to obtain more Logs per Tree. Additionally, the Chainsaw will also allow for more logs per tree and can also be upgraded with Gems, effectively doubling the amount of logs obtained per Tree. Additionally, completing the easy, medium, hard and eite woodcutting achievement set allows the chance to obtain extra logs from each tree chopped in woodcutting patches by 2/4/7/11 respectively, stacking for a total of +24

Logs Heat.png Heat Charcoal.png Charcoal Sells for Notes
Logs Logs.png 1 Heat.png 1 20 Coins.png Obtained from Fruit Trees in addition to Normal Trees
Oak Logs OakLogs.png 2 Heat.png 2 40 Coins.png
Willow Logs WillowLogs.png 3 Heat.png 3 70 Coins.png
Bamboo Logs BambooLogs.png 4 Heat.png 5 120 Coins.png
Maple Logs MapleLogs.png 5 Heat.png 7 150 Coins.png
Lava Logs LavaLogs.png 6 Heat.png 10 200 Coins.png 2% chance of obtaining Lava when burned with the Oven or Foundry if you have an empty Silver Bucket. Used to craft Fire Arrows.
Pine Logs PineLogs.png 7 Heat.png 14 300 Coins.png Used to craft Ice Arrows.
Stardust Logs StardustLogs.png 8 Heat.png 20 500 Coins.png Yields 0-8,000 Stardust.png Stardust when burned.

Logs StardustLogs.png
Logs.png Logs OakLogs.png Oak Logs WillowLogs.png Willow Logs BambooLogs.png Bamboo Logs MapleLogs.png Maple Logs

LavaLogs.png Lava Logs PineLogs.png Pine Logs StardustLogs.png Stardust Logs RedwoodLogs.png Redwood Logs

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