Logs are a type of Log obtained from chopping down Normal Trees, as well as all Fruit Trees. They give 1 Heat when burned in an Oven and a 1% chance of obtaining Charcoal from a Foundry or 2% from the Titanium Foundry. It sells to the NPC Shop for 20 Coins. In addition, Logs are used to Craft a variety of items, including Normal Arrows.

Dropped from

Source Amount dropped Drop chance
Forest.png 5 - 40 1/1
Castle.png 1 - 10 1/50
EntMonster.png 10 - 20 1/1

Used in

Item Crafting level Amount needed
Shovel.png 7 10
BonemealBin.png 15 50
Rake.png 17 30
Chisel.png 41 25
CommunityCenter.png 4 5
Tnt.png 85 20
RowBoat.png 20 800

Logs StardustLogs.png
Logs.png Logs OakLogs.png Oak Logs WillowLogs.png Willow Logs BambooLogs.png Bamboo Logs MapleLogs.png Maple Logs

LavaLogs.png Lava Logs PineLogs.png Pine Logs StardustLogs.png Stardust Logs RedwoodLogs.png Redwood Logs

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