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The Lava Alien is a Monster in the Lava Dungeon. He has two unique drops: a Heart Crysal, which permanently increases your Health by 5, and the Watch Mould, which is used to make the Watch.

Charge Attack

The Lava Alien has a special Charge Attack, which it casts after it reaches 30 Health (or lower) and deals a high amount of damage. Like other charge attacks, it has an animation, which is a cloud of gas building up behind the Lava Alien, and it will cast the actual attack about 4 seconds after this animation starts. This charge attack can be blocked with the Reflect spell to rebound the attack on the Lava Alien or with the Invisibility spell to dodge it. The Reflect spell is recommended because the amount of Damage it deals will result in an almost guaranteed kill and also because you do not have to worry about timing the spell correctly, as you do with Invisibility.


Item Amount Rarity
Ashes.png 1 1/1
HeartCrystal.png 1 1/5
WatchMould.png 1 1/7


  • The Lava Alien has a brother who runs a tourist service to the Northern Fields. They are enemies and the brother will only serve adventurers if they have killed the Lava Alien once.
  • The Lava Alien has another brother who is stuck in a snowbank in the Northern Fields, head first.
  • One day, the Lava Alien was interrupted while taking a dip in the Lava Well by a frantic rabbit who seemed to have accidentally fallen into the Lava Dungeon and started running back-and-forth murmuring, "I'm Late! I'm Late! For a very impo-", before he promptly fell into a nearby lava stream. He was clutching a Watch which he attempted to save from a fiery destruction by holding it aloft in his furry outstretched paw while slowly sinking into a molten demise, screaming "My precious!" Not wanting to let such a curious trinket be destroyed, the Lava Alien took it from the Rabbit's grasp just before it disappeared beneath the lavaery surface. He slowly became infatuated with the small device, with it's whirring hands and soft, constant ticking. It became... precious... to him. It also, somehow, made him inexplicably gassy. He became so enamored with the Watch, that he attempted to craft a new one, which has so far failed.

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