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Knight 3 is the third opponent encountered in the Castle. Although he is only the third opponent, he is one of the most difficult encountered. He uses two different Charge Attacks, both of which he casts multiple times at set intervals. The first charge attack does 30-40 Damage, denoted by black lines around his sword, and the second will Heal himself for 30-40 Health, denoted by green lines around his sword. He always starts with the black Damage Charge and alternates between Damage/Heal charge attacks every few combat rounds. In addition to these two charge attacks, he can also deal significant damage through normal attacks.


Knight 3 is one of the hardest opponents in the Castle and so acts as a bottleneck for many low to mid level players. You need to be able to deal the most amount of damage as possible in between his Charge Attacks, which you should block with Reflect, rather than Invisibility, as it can be difficult to kill him without the extra damage from Reflect since he will constantly Heal himself with his second Charge Attack. Poison can only be cast once during the entirety of all five encounters in the Castle, and it is recommended to use it against Knight 3 to help deal extra damage. Remember to switch to your Magic gear with the highest Magic Bonus when you cast Poison to deal extra damage (one extra poison damage for every +10 Magic Bonus). You should use your best Weapon and it is highly recommended to have +15 Magic Bonus or higher (Wand and full Reaper Robes).

The key to beating Knight 3 is to cast Freeze whenever it is first available, using your highest Magic Bonus gear to increase the duration of the Freeze (one additional second for every +5 Magic Bonus). If you cast Freeze at the very beginning of the fight, with +15 Magic Bonus or higher, the Reflect Cooldown should be ready just in time to use against the first Charge Attack, even if you had used Reflect to kill Knight 2 previously. You should be able to cast Freeze once, right before each of his Charge Attacks, giving you enough time to cast Reflect again for his next Damage Charge Attack (with +15 Magic Bonus Freezes). Using this method with a Scythe, he can consistently be killed after his second Damage Charge Attack, making this fight considerably easier. If you cannot kill him in this amount of time, you will likely not be able to beat the Castle, since each additional Freeze attack takes 5 Mana, which will likely be needed to cast Heal in the next two fights.

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