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Jewelry are types of equipment that can be worn to provide special bonuses in Combat. There are currently only two types of jewelry: Rings and Amulets.


Rings are a type of Jewelry which provide special bonuses such as decreased Energy cost, decreased Combat Cooldown, or increased Mana. There is currently no limit to the number of Rings that can be used at once, and they are automatically used without needing to Equip them.


Amulets are a type of Jewelry which provide a special effect in Combat when equipped in the Neck slot. Only one item can be equipped in the Neck slot at once.

Jewelry ManaRingSilver.png
Silver Rings CooldownRingSilver.png Silver Cooldown Ring EnergyRingSilver.png Silver Energy Ring
ManaRingSilver.png Silver Mana Ring
Gold Rings CooldownRingGold.png Gold Cooldown Ring EnergyRingGold.png Gold Energy Ring
ManaRingGold.png Gold Mana Ring
Promethium Rings CooldownRingPromethium.png Promethium Cooldown Ring EnergyRingPromethium.png Promethium Energy Ring
ManaRingPromethium.png Promethium Mana Ring
Titanium Rings CooldownRingTitanium.png Titanium Cooldown Ring EnergyRingTitanium.png Titanium Energy Ring
ManaRingTitanium.png Titanium Mana Ring
Ancient Rings DefenceRing.png Defence Ring StrengthRing.png Strength Ring
AttackRing.png Accuracy Ring
Looting Rings LootingRing.png Looting Ring SapphireLootingRing.png Sapphire Looting Ring EmeraldLootingRing.png Emerald Looting Ring
RubyLootingRing.png Ruby Looting Ring DiamondLootingRing.png Diamond Looting Ring
BoneAmulet.png Amulets BoneAmulet.png Bone Amulet InvisibilityAmulet.png Invisibility Amulet
BoneAmuletPlus.png Bone Amulet+