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Ice Arrows are a type of Arrow that provide Ice-based Elemental Attacks, similar to Fire Arrows, but do not provide any additional stats over Normal Arrows. Because of this, it is not beneficial to use ice arrows over normal arrows unless your opponent is weak to Ice, against which they will deal double damage. They are crafted from one Ice Feather, one Pine Log, and one Ice Bone, yielding one ice arrow and 10 Crafting XP.

Ice arrows are useful against all monsters in the Lava Dungeon, the Fire Hawk, the Fire Cemetery Skeleton, and Knight 5 from the Castle.

Ice Feathers

Ice Feathers are a type of feather which can be obtained as a drop from defeating the Ice Hawk, from random spawns after defeating the Ice Hawk, and from Northern Fields Loot Bags. They currently have no use other than for crafting Ice Arrows.

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