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The Home Tab is a Tab within the Game Interface that contains a lot of miscellaneous items and game mechanics. It is unlocked after building a House, and the three choices (Cabin, Castle, or Mansion) will only change the image in the Home Tab but will not have any substantive effect in the game. Building a House allows you to take on the Researcher who can conduct Research to give various perks for all nine Skills. The Museum is also located in the Home Tab, after unlocking it with Crafting Research 2, allowing you to obtain a small amount of Coins for finding several special Items from Monster Drops or other various activities. The Pirate will also be located in the Home Tab, after hiring from the Community Center for 500,000 Coins, as are all items related to Treasure Maps, including any Orbs. Any Quest or Holiday related items like sigils also can usually be found in the Home Tab.

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