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The Home or House can be built after finishing The Researcher Quest. It is built during the quest to have a place for the Researcher to stay, but it also unlocks several game features that make use of the Home Tab, such as the Museum, Orbs, and Chat Sigils.

There are three types of homes which can be built. Which one you decide to build doesn't have any meaningful impact in the game and will only determine the icon used in the Home Tab and may change some minor dialogue in some quests.

Home Materials
Home1.png Cabin
Home2.png Castle
Home3.png Mansion

Home2.png Buildings and Machines Rocket.png
TitaniumBars.png Tiered CommunityCenter5.png Community Center PromethiumOilWell.png Oil Wells TitaniumOilFactory.png Oil Factories OilStorage5.png Oil Storage
TitaniumFurnace.png Furnaces TitaniumCharcoalFoundry.png Foundry TitaniumOven.png Ovens
Home1.png Home Home1.png Cabin Home2.png Castle Home3.png Mansion Museum.png Museum
MiningSkill.png Mining Drills.png Drills Crushers.png Crushers GiantDrills.png Giant Drills Excavators.png Excavators Robot.png Robot Rocket.png Rocket
FarmingSkill.png Farming Planter.png Planter
FishingSkill.png Fishing OxygenTank.png Oxygen Tank RowBoat.png Row Boat CanoeBoat.png Canoe Boat