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Heat (Heat.png) is a resource that is used to Cook Raw Food, which can be consumed to obtain Energy, and is obtained by burning Logs in the Oven. Burning different logs give different amounts of heat, and currently no other mechanic effects how much heat is obtained from each log. Alternatively, logs can also be burned with the Foundry to obtain Charcoal, though this does not give any Heat.

Logs Heat.png Heat
Logs Logs.png 1 Heat.png
Oak Logs OakLogs.png 2 Heat.png
Willow Logs WillowLogs.png 3 Heat.png
Bamboo Logs BambooLogs.png 4 Heat.png
Maple Logs MapleLogs.png 5 Heat.png
Lava Logs LavaLogs.png 6 Heat.png
Pine Logs PineLogs.png 7 Heat.png
Stardust Logs StardustLogs.png 8 Heat.png

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