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The 2020 Halloween Event was a Halloween Event that ran from October 24 to November 18, 2020 and involved collecting a variety of items to obtain the Bat Sigil. Hints about what six items were required and how to obtain them could be found from the Halloween Scroll, which was obtained from any Loot Bag.

In addition to the new Bat Sigil, all four previously released Halloween Sigils were made tradable for the duration of the Halloween Event.

Halloween Scroll

The Halloween Scroll could be obtained as a random chance from any Loot Bag and appeared in the Home Tab. It gave hints about what six items to get and where they could be found to obtain the Bat Sigil, but the Scroll was NOT required to get any of the items.

Item Hints

HalloweenScroll.png Halloween Items 2020
Hint Item Obtained from
A witch is roaming. Witch Hat WitchesHat.png Killing the Witch random encounter from any Area.
A branch with leaves changing colors. Branch FallBranch.png Chopping down a Maple Tree.
A rotting log. Rotten Log RottenLog.png Chopping down a Rotting Tree, randomly grown in a Tree Patch.
Yeti's eyeball Yeti Eyeball Eyeball.png Killing the Yeti in the Northern Fields.
A wing from the caves. Bat Wing BatWing.png Killing the Bat from the Lava Dungeon.
A pumpkin. Pumpkin Pumpkin.png Harvesting a Pumpkin planted from Pumpkin Seeds.

Witch Hat

The Witch Hat was obtained from the Witch, which could be encountered randomly in any Combat Area. The Witch did not seem to deal any damage and was Weak to the Scythe. Upon defeating her, the Witch had a guaranteed drop of 1 Ashes and the Witch Hat, as well as 100 Combat XP.


The Branch or Fall Branch could be obtained from chopping down a Maple Tree. It is a guaranteed drop.

Rotten Log

The Rotten Log could be obtained from the Rotting Tree.

Rotting Tree

The Rotting Tree was a Tree that could appear randomly in a Woodcutting Plot during the Halloween Event. It takes less than 1 hour to grow and can be chopped to obtain the Rotten Log.

Yeti Eyeball

The Yeti Eyeball or Eye Ball could be obtained as drop from the Yeti in the Northern Fields as a 1/7 chance drop.

Bat Wing

The Bat Wing could be obtained as drop from the Bat in the Caves Lava Dungeon as a 1/13 chance drop.


The Pumpkin could be obtained from planting Pumpkin Seeds. They cannot be eaten, but harvesting the seeds does give Energy, and multiple Pumpkin Seeds can be planted.

Pumpkin Seeds

The Pumpkin Seeds could be randomly found by Bob, like other Seeds, only during the Halloween Event. They require level 15 Farming, 5 Bonemeal to plant and take 30 minutes to grow. When harvested, they yield 1 Pumpkin, approximately 3k-9k Energy, and 50 Farming XP. You would always receive two Pumpkin Seeds at a time.

Bat Sigil

The Bat Sigil (BatSigil.png) is a Halloween Sigil that is the final reward from the 2020 Halloween Event. It could be obtained by clicking on the "Claim Reward" button on the Halloween Scroll after obtaining all six Halloween items.

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