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Giant Drills are a type of Mining Machinery that can be crafted at Crafting Level 40 with 2,000 Iron Barsand 500 Silver Bars. It uses 10 Oil per second. Only one Giant Drill can be crafted until Mining Research 3 is unlocked, after which up to three can be crafted.

Ores Chance Average Amount per Day
Stone.png Stone 1/5 ~17,280 per day
Copper.png Copper Ore 1/15 ~5,760 per day
Iron.png Iron Ore 1/88 ~981.8 per day
Silver.png Silver Ore 1/250 ~345.6 per day
Gold.png Gold Ore 1/2,000 ~43.2 per day
Promethium.png Promethium Ore 1/20,000 ~4.32 per day
Titanium.png Titanium Ore 1/60,000 ~1.44 per day

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