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The Game Shop is a Shop that allows Players to purchase certain items directly from the game in exchange for Coins. It is unlocked and upgraded by building the Community Center and its upgrades. More unique items can be bought with upgrades, including the Pirate. The only items which can be purchased multiple times are the Stardust Boxes, which allows Players to purchase a random amount of Stardust.

Game Shop Community Center Items Unlocks
1 -
2 CommunityCenter.png
Community Center 1
3 CommunityCenter2.png
Community Center 2
4 CommunityCenter3.png
Community Center 3
5 CommunityCenter4.png
Community Center 4
6 CommunityCenter5.png
Community Center 5
  • 25% Increased TreasureMap.png Map Rate
  • Note: The Stardust Boxes are the only items that can be bought multiple times.