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Market Rules

DO NOT Alt trade

  • Alt trading means you have many accounts and are using them to trade them to your main account, increasing your resource gains.
  • Having many accounts is allowed, trading between them is not.
  • You also may not take 'donations' from other players as it is considered as an alt trade.

Price manipulation

  • You are not allowed to organize a group or teamup with another account to bring prices up or down.
  • Flipping for profit is competely fine.
  • Undercutting other prices is fine.

Macros or Bots

Any form of automation/scripting is not allowed

  • You are allowed to use QoL plugins, as long as they don't interact directly with the server. Be wary of sketchy plugins that could steal your information.
  • DO NOT mess with the console to send commands directly to the server or to play with the variables. You will most likely be flagged for botting and be banned.

Avoid playing around with the browser console

  • Using methods to directly send commands to the server might be flagged as a false command which will trigger the auto bot detection system. This could result in a ban, it's best to just stay away from the console all together.

Bugs & Game Glitches

Finding a bug

  • Any bug that is found to benefit your personal account should be reported to a mod or the dev right away. (example duping glitch etc.) Continuing to abuse this glitch after finding it will result in a ban.


Chat Box

  • Do not 'flood' or spam.
  • Do not insult anyone.
  • Racism and pornographic content is forbidden.
  • Keep the use of punctuation and special characters to a reasonable level.
  • Keep swearing to a minimum and do not swear at someone.
  • Refrain from trade begging.
  • Avoid speaking in non-English languages. Feel free to use the /pm system if you do so.
  • Do not post links to inappropriate content.
  • Do not blatantly advertise.
  • Do not try to getting around a mute through proxy or other means.
  • Do not post anyone's personal information.

Impersonating Others

  • You are not allowed to pretend or to trick others by claiming your someone you're not.

Offensive names

  • Do not create accounts with offensive names.
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