The Furnace is used to smelt Ores into Bars and is located in the crafting menu. It can be upgraded to increase its maximum smelting capacity, however this does not increase the rate at which bars are smelted.

Furnace CraftingSkill.png Level Materials Capacity
StoneFurnace.png Stone Furnace 1 Stone.png5 Stone 10
BronzeFurnace.png Bronze Furnace 12 BronzeBars.png100 Bronze Bars

Stone.png200 Stone
StoneFurnace.pngStone Furnace

IronFurnace.png Iron Furnace 18 IronBars.png100 Iron Bars

Stone.png500 Stone
BronzeFurnace.pngBronze Furnace

SilverFurnace.png Silver Furnace 28 SilverBars.png250 Silver Bars

Stone.png5,000 Stone
IronFurnace.pngIron Furnace

GoldFurnace.png Gold Furnace 42 GoldBars.png300 Gold Bars

Stone.png20,000 Stone
SilverFurnace.pngSilver Furnace

PromethiumFurnace.png Promethium Furnace 54 PromethiumBars.png25 Promethium Bars

Stone.png80,000 Stone
GoldFurnace.pngGold Furnace

TitaniumFurnace.png Titanium Furnace 70 TitaniumBars.png15 Titanium Bars

Stone.png150,000 Stone
PromethiumFurnace.pngPromethium Furnace


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