Fruit Trees are a type of Tree which will randomly grow in Woodcutting Patches after unlocking Woodcutting Research 5. When chopped down, they yield Logs and Fruit, which is a very good source of extra Energy, similar to Maple Syrup from Maple Trees.

Tree Level Experience Rarity Growth time Fruit Energy
Apple Tree AppleTree.png 45 9,000 Uncommon 2:45:00 Apple.png Apples Energy.png 20
Banana Tree BananaTree.png 63 20,500 Rare 5:10:00 Bananas.png Bananas Energy.png 30
Palm Tree PalmTree.png 75 28,000 Very Rare 8:00:00 5-10 Coconuts.png Coconuts Energy.png 2,000

StripedCrystalLeaf.png Leaves, Seeds, and Trees MapleTree.png
DottedGreenLeaf.png Leaves DottedGreenLeaf.png Dotted Green Leaf (Seeds) GreenLeaf.png Green Leaf (Seeds) LimeLeaf.png Lime Leaf (Seeds)
GoldLeaf.png Gold Leaf (Seeds) • CrystalLeaf.png Crystal Leaf (Seeds) StripedGoldLeaf.png Striped Gold Leaf (Seeds)
StripedCrystalLeaf.png Striped Crystal Leaf (Seeds) StrangeLeaf.png Strange Leaf
BlewitMushroom.png Secondaries RedMushroom.png Red Mushroom (Seeds) BlewitMushroom.png Blewit Mushroom (Seeds)
Tree.png Trees Tree.png Tree (Seeds) OakTree.png Oak Tree (Seeds) WillowTree.png Willow Tree (Seeds)

BambooTree.png Bamboo Tree (Seeds) MapleTree.png Maple Tree (Seeds) LavaTree.png Lava Tree (Seeds)
PineTree.png Pine Tree (Seeds) StardustTree.png Stardust Tree (Seeds) RedwoodTree.png Redwood Tree (Seeds)

AppleTree.png Fruit Trees AppleTree.png Apple Tree (Seeds) BananaTree.png Banana Tree (Seeds) PalmTree.png Palm Tree (Seeds)
Stardust.png Special Seeds StardustSeeds.png Stardust Seeds
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